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Drop That Smurf! This question assumes that a smurf requires oxygen to survive, which is a valid assumption considering smurfs fear drowning as much.

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If you strangled a smurf, what colour would he turn???? - British ...


why would you want to strangle a smurf?- they are teeny so would actually be quite tricky- .... When you choke a smurf what color does it turn?

What color does a smurf turn when you choke it? - Straight Dope ...


BTW, they are delicious when minced and made into pie, but you can just broil them if you like. .... "What color does a male smurf's testicles turn when he doesn't benefit from the ... But like I said, I'll try and check for you. I'd like ...

biology - What color is smurf blood? - Science Fiction & Fantasy ...


Nov 21, 2012 ... I checked the UNICEF ad (an ad where the Smurf village was annihilated by warplanes), but ... You're supposed to say "What Smurferry is this!

Papa Smurf Dies - Why Does Argyria Make You Turn Blue?


Sep 26, 2013 ... In the case of the late 'Papa Smurf,' it was the result of too much colloidal silver. ... table, to treat many infections; however it can leave you looking blue if you take too much. ... Argyria is a condition that turns the skin a grayish or bluish color after the ... Check here to donate in honor or memory of ...

Purity - What is blue meth? - Drugs Forum


If you've ever watched Breaking Bad, you'll know what I'm talking ... "It is still unknown why the meth is blue or what the color is ... If it turns blue it is likely from a local cook, which means it went ... Smurf dope is a myth pushed by drug dealers to sell their product. ..... Check your history and your chemistry.

How to Dress Up as a Smurf or Smurfette / Make a Smurf Costume ...


Discuss Smurf costumes, and see some great examples by checking out this thread. Finally, read ... Blue Skin: If you want to go shirtless like a true-blue Smurf, read our guide to blue body paint by clicking here. ... As always, if you cannot find the right color blue, then dye it. ... (Use enough red dye or your pants will turn pink!)

Samsung 25R Upgrade - Green Samsung 25R5 vs. Blue 25R2 ...


Jun 9, 2015 ... If someone asked you how old a battery is, you should answer by telling its cycle count. ... A quick check of the spec sheet yields the answer: .... Just to be clear, I theorized no difference... and it does turn out the case is that ...

Drinking silver will turn you blue - and here's why - The Body Odd


Oct 26, 2012 ... Why 'yous guys' accents come back when you're drinking56 comments .... you'll note, eastern medicine does not take a "one size fits all" .... People that are blue like the smurf version of Walter Brimley above are in a ..... I have been taking colloidal silver for a long time now and no color c...