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The myth is that... that blood is red when it is filled with oxygen and blue when it ... the body and then delivers this oxygen where it is needed before making the round trip ... The oxygen dissolves in your blood, binding to the red blood cells.

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Apr 17, 2008 ... The bright red color of arterial blood stems from a complex that's ..... your blood is a light colored blue before hitting oxygen, when you look ...

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Nov 12, 2013 ... Argument against blue blood: Your blood has oxygen in it already. Poof. .... Anyone else want to hit someone if they say blood is blue?.

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Oct 16, 2012 ... Blood is always red, and veins look blue because the skin filters light wavelengths differently. ... Your blood, now exhausted of its oxygen, is dark red as it now ... Red-Green & Blue-Yellow: The Stunning Colors You Can't See.

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Apr 11, 2007 ... As a kid, i was always told that your blood was blue/purple and only turned ... that color you see thru your skin...when it hits oxygen..it turns red.

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Mar 12, 2012 ... Arteries carry blood away from the heart to other parts of your body. ... With each new breath, oxygen enters the lungs and restores the blood before it is pumped ... The colors we see are the result of which wavelengths of light are reflected back to our eyes. ... when your blue blood touches the air it turns red.

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Jul 26, 2007 ... Textbooks said your blood was red and a scraped knee on the ... teachers have previously said that blood from veins is blue before it hits air... where ... The cells don't define the color of what gives them nutrients and oxygen!

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Mar 1, 2012 ... No one, no matter how snooty, has actual blue blood. So why do ... In the absence of other colors, only that red shows up. ... And I think that has something to do with oxygen content. Maybe. .... Rates hit 2.75% APR (15 yr).

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Hemoglobin is a red-colored, iron-containing protein that functions in oxygen ... While your blood never actually turns blue, your skin can take on a bluish cast as  ...

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Mar 20, 2011 ... blood with oxygen is bright red. without oxygen, it is dark red. your ... As far as the blue colour is concerned blood can never be of blue colour.

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The blood vessels you see at the surface of your skin are veins. ... Your blood gets its red color from oxygen. ... We look at the veins which are red, but the light that hits our skin that goes back into our eyes for our brain to understand it, is blue ...

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Mar 19, 2010 ... If you wonder why you've never seen blue blood before, someone might ... in our red blood cells -- binds to the oxygen the blood just picked up. ... When you look down at the veins in your arm, light of different wavelengths is hitting the skin, the veins and the blood. .... White color is the reflection of all colo...

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I recently had a discussion in my biology class on what color blood is. ... no since if blood is blue is that when you have blood drawn directly from your veins into a vaccuum, the blood is still red, and it never touches oxygen.