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This is a list of hottest stars so far discovered (excluding degenerate stars), arranged by decreasing temperature. The stars with temperatures higher than 60,000 ...

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Dec 24, 2015 ... The color of a star is a function of its temperature. ... So the hottest stars in the Universe are going to be a blue star, and we know they're going ...

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Our sun is very, very hot, but it is not the hottest star in the universe. The sun, like all ... You can tell the approximate temperature of a star by looking at its color.

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Dec 6, 2009 ... Despite numerous attempts by astronomers across the world, the mysterious dying star at the heart of the Bug nebula - one of the brightest and ...

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The coolest stars are red in color. A star's color gives visible information about its surface temperature. The hottest stars are blue, while white and yellow stars ...

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Most appear white but a few stars such as Antares and Betelgeuse have an orange or reddish hue to them. Others such as Rigel suggest a bluer colour.

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Stars appear to be exclusively white at first glance. But if we look carefully, we can notice a range of colors: blue, white, red, and even gold. In the winter ...

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May 2, 2015 ... The hottest stars are bluish, the coolest, M stars, are orange/red. ... Another factor in our perception of star colors in the night sky is the number ...

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Astronomers put filters of different standard colors on telescope to allow only light of a particular color from a star to pass. In this way, astronomers determine the ...

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A star's color is critical in identifying the star, because it tells us the star's surface ... The hottest stars are blue, with their surface temperatures falling anywhere ...

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Dec 23, 2008 ... Here's a short explanation of star colors to help you better appreciate what you see when you look at the stars in the night sky. In just a couple ...

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Jul 27, 2012 ... We can see this effect, known as "Planck's law of black body radiation," in action whenever we look at the different colors of stars. Our Sun is a ...

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Not all stars are the same color. ... These colors tell us the temperature of the star. ... The hottest part of the flame is blue, the middle is yellow, and the cooler ...