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Consider light energy that is momentarily absorbed in glass and then re-emitted. Compared to .... What color light is transmitted by a piece of blue glass? A) red

What color light is transmitted through a piece of red glass ...


Hello zachcumer this is my first post. If im incorrect im sorry but I do have a firm understanding of physics as a high school student and I am very ...

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If the shirt absorbs blue light, then only red and green light will be reflected from .... absorb one or more frequencies of light and transmit what is not absorbed.

Why does light change colour when going through coloured glass ...


Jul 21, 2014 ... Blue glass is very effective at absorbing red and green light, allowing ... Colored glass is a filter that are largely transparent, but absorb some ... This means that if you put your eye behind such a piece of glass, the only lay rays ...

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So combining blue with yellow light is like combining blue light with red and green .... (red + green) light is absorbed, all that is left to be transmitted is blue light.

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Color by transmission: This time the light goes through the material (like glass or plastic), but only allows the color(s) that we see to go through, ... If we mix equal amounts of blue and red, we get magenta. .... Find some red plastic around the house that you can look through (perhaps red plastic wrap or a piece from a toy or ...

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Colour. White light. If you shine torch light onto a sheet of paper, the light from the ... but traditionally we describe them as red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. ... Cellophane and coloured glass are also transparent because you can see ...



7) Compared to radio waves, the velocity of visible light waves in a vacuum is. A) less. ... 21) What color light is transmitted by a piece of blue glass? A) blue B) ...

Wavelength, Colour, Filters


If white light is passed through a prism (a triangular block of glass), then the light ... (Answer - no colour will be transmitted, it will appear black. ... It is interesting to consider what colour a blue dress will appear if viewed in a red light source!

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The colour of an opaque object depends on the wavelengths of the light that it reflects to your eye. ... A blue piece of glass will absorb all colours except blue.