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Another reason the uncoloured water may be evaporating faster is because the food colouring chemical itself takes longer to evaporate. The colour of the dye ...

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Apr 2, 2013 ... This is Naomi's science project at Hobart Boulevard Elementary School, Grade 2, Los Angeles.

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Obviously darker-colored water absorbs more light if it's exposed to sunlight and thus heats up more and evaporates faster. The biggest important difference is ...

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Water evaporates depending on its temperature. (i.e. Higher temperature -> faster evaporation.) If you took two dishes of water and put a colored filter over one ...

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i was wondering, does the color of the water affect its evaporation? like for ... will the clear glass evaporate faster and when the red water evaporates, will the ...

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May 4, 2016 ... Yes. Impurities in water that give it a color can cause it to absorb solar radiation more efficiently, heat up quicker, and thus evaporate faster.

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No, the color of water does not affect its evaporation rate because water itself is colorless. .... the bigger the surface area the faster the water will evaporate.

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Jan 19, 2005 ... If the food colors are all water-soluble, there probably shouldn't be any noticeable difference in the time it takes them to dissolve. When you say ...

Why does colored water evaporate faster than clear water


Depending on what color the water it is. If the color is dark it'll evaporate faster, if it's lighter it'll takemore time.

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Science Projects on Whether the Color of Water Affects Its Evaporation. Though heat and ... You May Like. Science Project: Do Taller People Run Faster?