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An exigent circumstance, in the criminal procedure law of the United States, allows law ... The existence of exigent circumstances is a mixed question of law and fact. There is no absolute test for determining if exigent circumstances exist, but ...


Exigent circumstances may also occur when the police is in hot pursuit of a suspect who is possibly involved in criminal activities and in the process of fleeing.


Exigent Circumstances refer to situations that demands unusual or immediate ... This is also termed as emergency circumstances or special circumstances.


All states permit a warrantless search in exigent circumstances, but courts have struggled over the years to define exactly what constitutes an emergency.


The Legal Term * Exigent Circumstances * Defined & Explained. ... The existence of exigent circumstances is a mixed question of fact and law reviewed de novo.


Exigent circumstances defined and explained with examples. Exigent circumstance is a situation that requires immediate action, allowing police to enter legally.


Mar 1, 2014 ... As with many Fourth Amendment issues, the touchstone is reasonableness. Do exigent circumstances make warrantless entry reasonable?


Definition of Exigent circumstance in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Exigent circumstance? Meaning of  ...


The legal definition of Exigent Circumstances is An unusual and time-sensitive circumstance that justifies conduct that might not be permissible or lawful in other  ...


Definition of EXIGENT CIRCUMSTANCES: These are the circumstances that exist in emergency situations where there is a serious risk to other people.