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Augusta Ada King-Noel, Countess of Lovelace was an English mathematician and writer, ... As a result, she is often regarded as the first computer programmer. ... Byron did not have a relationship wi...

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Ada Byron wrote a plan giving suggestions on how the Analytical Engine, created by Charles Babbage, could be used to produce a table of the Bernoulli ...

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Ada Byron's contribution to computing was as the first computer programmer.

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Nov 7, 2016 ... The daughter of English poet Lord Byron, Augusta Ada King, better ... Ada Lovelace's contributions to the field of computer science were not ...

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Aug 30, 2016 ... This is a really contentions issue. Ada was the daughter of the most famous writer of the time, Lord Byron, who was indeed “mad, bad and ...

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Computer facts internet scavenger hunt. ... What contribution did Ada Byron make to computing? 8. What kind of wafers are used at Intel to make computer chips ...

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Oct 13, 2015 ... What she did was write the world's first machine algorithm for an early ... Ada Byron was a teenager when she met Cambridge mathematics professor ... and furthermore, she understood how to make it do the things computers do. ... Babbage was so impressed with Lovelace's contributions, he dubbed her ...

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Sep 6, 1999 ... Computer Scavenger Hunt by Cindy O'Hora. Searching this computer ... What contribution did Ada Byron make to computing? 8. What kind of ...

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The only child of British poet Lord George Gordon Byron and Annabella Milkbanke ... The result was widely accepted as the first computer program. ... that Ada probably understood his Analytical Engine better than he did himself, ... Lord L. [Lord Lovelace, Ada's husband] sometimes says "What a general you would make!".

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