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The Persian Empire is one of a series of imperial dynasties centered in Persia ( modern–day ... their base in Ardabil, the Safavid Persians established control over parts of Greater Iran ... List of monarchs of Persia · Iranian monarchy · List of Iranian dynasties and countries · Persia · Iranian peoples · Persian people · List of ...


The Achaemenid Empire also called the First Persian Empire, was an empire based in Western .... This system of management ultimately became an issue for the Persians, ..... The character of the country, intersected by numerous canals and full of ... Egypt remained a part of the Persian Empire until Alexander the Great's ...


The Persians are an Iranian ethnic group that make up over half the population of Iran. .... At its greatest extent, the Achaemenid Empire stretched from parts of Eastern ... and a variety of other Iranian dialects, became the official language of the empire ... The Lurish people, living primarily in the western regions of Iran, are an ...


They took over northern Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Syria, Canaan, and the Phoenician cities. What is today..


Greater Iran also referred to as Greater Persia is a term used to refer to the regions of the Caucasus, West Asia, Central Asia, and parts of South Asia that has significant Iranian cultural influence due to having been either long historically ruled by the various Iranian (Persian) empires (such as those of the Medes, ..... Bahrain's local Persian community have heavily influenced the country's ...


Persian Empire. ... Persia is today the country of Iran. ... in a series of poems called the Gathas, which became part of the religion's most sacred book, the Avesta.


From 539 BC to 331 BC, the Persian Empire was the most powerful state in the world. Ruled from Persia (now Iran), it stretched from Egypt to India. It.


Asia Minor is a geographic region in the south-western part of Asia comprising most of ... The Regions of Ancient Anatolia (Emok) ... Lydia was the kingdom of the great King Croesus who defied the Persian Empire under Cyrus and ... Asia Minor became part of the Ottoman Empire and, after its collapse, became Turkey.


Persia (pûr´zhə, –shə), old alternate name for the Asian country Iran. ... This article is concerned with the history of the ancient Persian Empire, in which ... The speakers of Iranian languages may have migrated into that part of Asia as early ... the power of the Medes, Cyrus, who later became known as Cyrus the Great, took  ...