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An electric spark is an abrupt electrical discharge that occurs when a sufficiently high electric field creates an ionized, electrically conductive channel through a ...

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Jun 12, 2005 ... More specifically, what causes the sparks when you strike a piece of flint ... answer seems obvious; striking flint with steel produces hot sparks.

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Jan 11, 2015 ... A static electricity spark is an electrostatic discharge (ESD) or sudden flow of electric current across an ... Static electric spark jumps from finger to doorknob ... Causes of Static Electricity · Materials that Cause Static Electricity ...

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... is a sudden flow of electric current between two objects that have different electronic potentials. An electric spark is a type of ESD wherein there is a flow of.. .

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On a fundamental level, can anyone explain how a spark is created from ... and the temperature causes the metal embers to be incandescent.

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Apr 1, 2014 ... This is reason for sparks and why iron/steel is the only metal You can cut with " oxy-fuel cutting". All other metals will develop a solid oxide layer ...

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A spark is a stream of electrons jumping across an air gap, heating the air .... Static electricity is caused when friction causes electrical charges to build up on a  ...

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To make a good spark the ignition coil must develop enough power, and the insulation of the ... As electric current flows through a wire it creates a magnetic field.

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Feb 13, 2013 ... 2) I have also observed sparks when, lets say i suddenly pull out the plug ... Voltage creates an electric field, and the strength of the field scales ...

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Have you ever got a static electricity shock? Or seen sparks when you take off your jumper? When lightning is made the same thing happens, but on a much ...