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This is a list of predicted dates for events made by notable individuals or groups that would ... Firmly established already in his early years, he will, after reaching maturity, ... Various Christian clerics predicted the end of the world on this date, ...


13 hours ago ... Predictions that the end of the world in nigh have been stirred after a date matched ... a verse in the Bible proves that the world will end on September 23. ... apparently matches the date of the Great American Solar Eclipse, ...


4 days ago ... Depending on your taste, the date will either bring forth a collision ... or a world- changing celestial alignment that heralds the End of Days.


The world as we know it was supposed to end in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, ... All of this is speculation as Jesus said He didn't know the date or hour when the ...


Q: What is the origin of the prediction that the world will end in 2012? ... the winter solstice in 2012 - hence the predicted doomsday date of December 21, 2012.


3 days ago ... Will the world end on Saturday? ... left their fields unplanted and sold their worldly goods in anticipation of their expiration date — Oct. 22, 1844.


Zoroastrianism claims that the end of the world will happen when a comet, called Gochihr, strikes the earth. It will cause all the ...


Sep 15, 2017 ... Christian numerologists claim that the world will end on Sept. ... that 23 September is a momentous date for biblical prophecy, and Christians ...


Sep 15, 2017 ... THE world will soon end… but celestial alignments on September 23 are not the sign to warn us it has started, it has been claimed.