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According to the American Cancer Society, Stage IV stomach cancer is determined by whether the cancer has metastasised (spread) to other organs, nearby tissues or distant lymph nod...

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Cancer staging

edit]. Cancer Stages. Overall Stage Grouping is also referred to as Roman Numeral Staging. This system uses numerals ...

Stages of Cancer | Cancer.Net

The stage of a cancer is used to help plan treatment and predict a person's chance of recovery. Stage is usually determined by three factors: size and growth of ...

Cancer Staging Fact Sheet - National Cancer Institute

A fact sheet that explains the process of grouping cancer cases in categories ( stages) based on the size of the tumor and the extent of the cancer in the body.

Cancer Staging - American Cancer Society

Mar 25, 2015 ... Staging is the process of finding out how much cancer is in a person's body and where it's located. It's how the doctor determines the stage of a ...

Stages of cancer | Cancer Research UK

Oct 29, 2014 ... Staging is a way of describing the size of a cancer and whether it has spread into nearby ... This page tells you about the stages of a cancer.

What are the different stages of cancer (Cancer Institute NSW)

The term 'stage of cancer' means the stage the cancer was at when it was first diagnosed. Being sure about the stage is very important because it is a critical ...

AJCC - What is Cancer Staging?

Understanding the cancer's stage is also critical to identifying clinical trials that ... Clinical Staging determines how much cancer there is based on the physical ...

CancerGuide: Understanding Cancer Types and Staging

All you need to do to is to ask your doctor for the medical name of your cancer, the stage of your tumor, which will be a Roman numeral I-IV or "recurrent", and ...

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