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A lot of different styles were popular with girls in the '70s, with polyester fabric, bright colors, loud patterns and longer skirts most notable among them. Many fashions from the...

1970s in fashion

1.2.1 Casual Looks; 1.2.2 Active Wear; 1.2.3 Tailored Styles .... worn by young women and girls in lieu of the bikini, although it did not entirely replace the latter.

Fashion in the 1970s: Clothing Styles, Trends, Pictures & History

The early 1970s fashion scene was very similar to 1969, just a bit more flamboyant. ... Chest hair, medallions, polyester, butterfly collars, bell bottoms, skin-tight t-shirts, sandals, leisure suits, flower patterned dress ..... Never before did men have so many choices. .... 1970s Fashion for Women & Girls 1930s Mens Fashion ...

1970s Fashion: 27 Moments That Defined Seventies Style | Marie ...

Jun 22, 2015 ... From Joni Mitchell to Cher, we chart the best 1970s fashion icons. ... The Osmond family hit the big time in 1971, becoming clean-cut idols for teens around the world. We said it ... What did real women wear in the Seventies?

Seventies Children's Fashion Clothes - The People History

1970's Boys and Girls Clothing examples from each year in the decade ranging from fun dresses and separates for girls with flared slacks and leisure suits for ...

Vintage Fashion Clothing and Accessories from the 1970s with ...

prices for clothes and men's and ladies fashions in the 1970's examples from ... However, this does not mean that people did not value high fashion because the  ...

What Did Women Wear in the 70s? | eHow

Oct 18, 2014 ... How to Dress From the 70s · What Girls Wore in the 70s ... What Kinds of Clothes Did People Wear in the 1970s?. Nostalgic '70s styles are.

70s Disco Fashion, Mini Dress, Maxi, Platform Soled Shoes

Micro, Mini or Maxi 1970s Skirt Lengths ... mini skirt one day and a maxi dress, midi skirt or hot pants the next day - that's what they did. ... Picture of office girls wearing short mini dresses.

1970s clothing advertisements show decade's cringe-worthy fashion ...

Jun 14, 2015 ... Hundreds of Afghan girls poisoned by toxic gas at two schools in suspected ... The 1970s men's clothing ads that showed off the cringe-worthy sartorial fads .... This underwear-dress-shirt combination jumpsuit is perfect for the man who ... Colorful: When in doubt, stick to a color scheme as these to men did.

1970s Women's Fashion - Constant Contact's Womens Fashions.pdf

dominant feature of 1970s disco fashion has to be color. Rising from the drab ... Men's clothes were not immune from the influx of color either, with bright ... the next day - that's what they did ... craze for girls and young women. Throughout the  ...

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Q: What did they wear in the 1970's?
A: basically whatever they wanted it was kinda a mix decade it took styles from each decade and put them all together...... but it was known as disco fashion in th... Read More »
Q: What did people wear in the 1970's - 1980's?
A: During the 1970s, there were many types of fashions. People worse tie dye shirts, peasant blouses, and frayed jeans. In addition, women wore hot pants (tight an... Read More »
Q: What Did Teenage Girls Wear in the 70s?
A: Teenage girls' fashion in the 1970s continued the "do-your-own-thing" look of the late 1960s for the early years of the decade. Girls' clothing styles were domi... Read More »
Q: What did people wear in the 1970's?
A: wide legged jeans flowered shirts wool high waisted pants feathered hair tight scarfs leopard pattern stripes hot pants black leggings jumpers tshirts with slog... Read More »
Q: What kind of clothes did a titan girl wear?
A: No clothes. Read More »