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Many male hippies did wear robes or even skirts. There are skirts made especially for men. Don't be afraid to wear what feels right regardless of gender.


1960s Fashion - Hippie Clothes - How to dress and accessorize like a hippie... ... I did not head for San Francisco nor did I live on the streets. But I was dressed ... I recall the first time I came home on vacation and wasn't wearing a bra.


Includes: • Hippie styling • Flower power • Hippie accessories • The hippie ... Not since the 1920s did fashion change so radically, and youth define what was ...


My dad was a hippie during the late 60's, and he said he just wore jeans and t- shirts, but he had longer hair and a mustache and he said that ...


The most common and famous items of hippie clothing from the 1960s were bell- bottom jeans. These were often paired with brightly colored shirts or shirts ...


HIPPIES. A number of middle-class young people growing up in the late 1950s felt that they did not fit into accepted society. Not only did their futures seem ...


This movement did not just influence films, television literature, drugs, politics, ... ( 3) Two of the most popular patterns in hippie clothing wear tye die and floral.


Jul 17, 2012 ... what are hippies and what did hippies wear? Anyway, the "hippie" movement forced women like me to invent our own boho chic fashions, ...


Mar 25, 2009 ... Hippies were all about peace and love in the 1970s. They were ... It should be noted, though, that women did not intentionally expose chest hair, if they had it. ... Women also wear bell bottom jeans with ironed on patches.