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Polyphemus is the giant son of Poseidon and Thoosa in Greek mythology, one of the Cyclopes ... However, Odysseus and his men have tied themselves to the undersides of the animals and so get away. .....

Odysseus and the Cyclops


Odysseus devises a plan, blinds the monster, and escapes with his men. ... Odysseus dared do nothing to the Cyclops, since only the Cyclops was strong ...

SparkNotes: The Odyssey: Book 9


Odysseus and his crew finally escape, having lost six men per ship. A storm sent by Zeus sweeps them along for nine days before bringing them to the land of ...

The Odyssey Book 9 Summary - Shmoop


Odysseus and his men first come to the land of the Kikonians, where they kill ... Those who escape are victims of a god-sent storm and have to wait around for a ... He prays that Odysseus will never get home, or if he does, that he will lose all ...

The Odyssey Books 9-12 Summary and Analysis | GradeSaver


They reach his cave - he is still in the pasture - and Odysseus' men want to steal his cheeses ... Polyphemus ridicules this idea; he does not care about the gods. ... Polyphemus opens the cave door, hoping to catch anyone who tries to escape.

Book 9 - CliffsNotes


Odysseus advises his men to leave immediately with their riches, but they ignore ... Odysseus' questionable judgment in identifying himself during the escape from ... Odysseus does not discuss, at this point, why he was blown off course and ...

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Odysseus, his men, and their twelve ships, begin their journey home to Ithaca. ... Odysseus asks him to honor the guest-host relationship but he laughs - he does not fear the gods. ... The winds escape and blow the ship back to Aeolus' island.

What does Odysseus instruct his men to do on Helios' island? | eNotes


Apr 9, 2014 ... Get an answer for 'What does Odysseus instruct his men to do on Helios' ... escape, you will return late, in bad plight, after losing all your men.

The Odyssey Book 9 Summary & Analysis by LitCharts | From the ...


If the men had restrained their bloodlust, they could have escaped with ... Odysseus left most of his crew on shore and went with twelve men to the cave, ... Odysseus does not overpower the giant but uses cunning to strike him where he is ...

The Odyssey Book 12 Summary & Analysis by LitCharts | From the ...


Before Odysseus and his men depart, Circe told Odysseus that he must pass the island ... Odysseus asked if he can escape Charybdis and fight off Scylla, but Circe chastised ... And though he wants to fight Scylla and gain glory, he does not .

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How does Odysseus escape the Cyclops? - Ask.com


Odysseus escaped from the Cyclops by tricking it after blinding it with a large pike . Once the Cyclops was blind, Odysseus and his men escaped by tying ...

How did Odysseus and his men escape the cyclops Polyphemus' cave


By hiding under Polyphemus' sheep. On the underside of Polyphemus' sheep. .... What do Odysseus and his men do to Polyphemus the Cyclops before they ...

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Then Odysseus and his men escape from the cave by hiding under ... Circe pleads for them to stay on her island, and Odysseus does this because he was ...