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The clothing used in the ancient world strongly reflects the technologies that these peoples mastered. Archaeology plays a significant role in documenting this aspect of ancient life, for fabric fibers, and leathers sometimes are well-preserved through time. In many cultures the clothing worn was indicative of the social status ... In the most ancient days, humans started to implement clothing system to ...


The olden days are considered to be simpler times, and people living in that era wore simple clothes such as work pants and shirts for men and dresses for ...


Jan 27, 2014 ... What clothes did people wear during the the early 1900s? ... Children would wear 'hand-me-downs' - their brothers' or sisters' old clothes.


June 2016 - People in India wore mostly cotton clothing. India was the first place where people grew cotton, even as early as 5000 BC in the Stone Age.


Sep 12, 2016 ... So most people had very few changes of clothing; many people ... the spinning wheel, which made spinning yarn go about four times as fast.


African clothing - Ancient Africa - what kind of clothes did Africans wear?


When you look back at old videos of crowds of people from, say the early 20th century it seems as if almost everyone, man or woman wore ...


people wore hand woven clothes made by women in hot days-skirts and a top cold days-pants and jackets made from animal fur.


It is an interesting question. I think that there was probably a certain social demarcation ... If you look at an old photo of a crowd of people in hats - cloth caps or bowlers or top hats - you get a real sense of social unity, ... that the plot-device would only work in his day, fifty years later, if the character had somehow lost his pants.


Nov 27, 2013 ... Whenever seeing photographs or paintings of people before the modern era, regardless of the climate they're in, it seems like they're wearing... ... Nothing Less Than 20 Years Old, and Don't Soapbox. 3. Ask Clear and Specific Questions, .... Was heat stroke very common in those days? How did people ...