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Life wasn't easy for America's pioneers, who migrated westward over rough terrain to settle in rugged, undeveloped areas. Although the pioneers were a diverse ...


Back in the pioneer days, boys, of course, didn't wear bonnets like the girls. ... Yes, they did have mail order catalogs but items ordered didn't come to the house .


American pioneers wore clothing made from cotton or fabrics they produced themselves, such as wool or linen. Men and boys wore buckskin trousers, cotton  ...


Pioneer girls wore undergarments very similar to adult women: ... While some did make the trek west with bare feet, it's safest to wear shoes today (as they did, ...


Life in the pioneer times was difficult. ... What materials did they use? ... They had at least two sets of work clothes, so they could wear one and let the other air ...


For a printable PDF of this article, click How to Dress as a Pioneer Woman. ... For safety reasons, plan to wear low-heeled, lace-up leather shoes or boots.


For a printable PDF of this article, click How to Dress as a Pioneer Man or Boy . ... White cotton and linen are common fabrics for a shirt; for working wear, printed ...


What kinds of clothing did the families of one hundred fifty years ago make with the .... No underdrawers were usually worn, however, women did wear at least ...


... designed not to drag on wet ground, but most preferred to wear the clothing to which they were accustomed. ... Did you ever hear tell of sweet Betsy from Pike,


Pioneers had to make all the thread they required for their clothing, draperies, ... to have a hat with a wide brim and a girl to wear a bonnet to protect their eyes.