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This article concerns itself with the Spiritual beliefs of the Cherokee, Native Americans ... Humans began to hunt animals and quickly grew in numbers. ... The boys did not fulfill the instructions completely, which is why corn can only grow in ...


They ate mainly corn and beans and squash (the "Three Sisters") that they grew in their fields. ... Cherokee people did not live entirely from farming and hunting like the Mississippians to their west, though ... More about Native American Food


What did they eat? Agriculture: The Cherokee were farmers, hunters and gatherers. They grew corn, squash and beans, along with pumpkin, melons, sunflowers ...


Women taught Cherokee girls all of the home and gardening skills. In the past, Indian kids had more chores and less time to play. But they did have dolls, toys, ...


Covers Cherokee tribes in Oklahoma and North Carolina, with facts about Cherokee Indian food, clothing, houses, villages ... They also gathered berries, nuts and fruit to eat. ... What other Native Americans did the Cherokee tribe interact with?


Find answers to questions like where did the Cherokee tribe live, what clothes did they wear and what food did they eat? Discover what happened to the ...


What Did the Cherokee Indians Eat? Originally, before European contact, the Cherokee people lived throughout the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.


The Cherokee Indians consumed meat from hunting, such as wild turkeys and deer, as well as grains like corn. Cherokee women did the majority of the farming  ...


Prior to European contact, the Cherokees occupied lands in the American Southeast that included parts of ... 1 Teepee Facts; 2 What Did the Lakota Indians Eat?


... and bean bread, you'll find traditional methods of preparing Cherokee foods ... Different tribes make the bread in different ways; this recipe is for a version ...