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This is an incomplete list of 3D films from 2005 onwards. The tables can be sorted by clicking .... 2010, United States United Kingdom, Filmed in 2D Digital 4K, 1.85:1, 109, The IMAX 3D version has an aspect ratio of 1.44:1 ...... Alexa 3D, 2.39:1, 130. Goodbye to Language, 000000002014-05-28-0000May 28, 2014, France


Goodbye to Language (French: Adieu au Langage) is a 2014 French-Swiss 3D experimental ... Godard became interested in making a 3D film in 2010 and asked Aragno to make some camera tests. Aragno was ... Goodbye to Language is an experimental narrative that tells two similar versions of a couple having an affair.


A multiple-language version film, often abbreviated to MLV, is a film, especially from the early ... common practice for US and European studios to produce foreign-language versions of their films using the same sets, crew, costumes, etc.


Mar 27, 2010 ... Eighteen different versions of Avatar were created for the domestic market, plus an additional 92 for international markets in 47 languages. ... and 18 dubbed versions on film, 58 subtitled and 36 dubbed versions in digital 3D, ... release process is a testament to their hard work, skill, and professionalism.


Language, English. Budget, $8 million. Box office, $16,890,678. Hidden 3D is an Italian-Canadian horror film directed by Antoine Thomas and produced by ... [ hide]This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or ... During their tour it becomes clear that something sinister lies beneath the surface. Despite their ...


/Media /Movies movie content /Music music content /TV Shows television content ... You can gather multiple versions of the same movie together (that have different resolutions or encoding formats) and collapse them to a ... The text you have there is not displayed. ... Likewise, it is not appropriate for 2D vs 3D versions.


THE DIFFERENCE ... There are no bad seats in an IMAX theatre. ... transforms every frame of a film to produce the best possible version of a filmmaker's vision.


3F Filippi S.p.A. is a manufacturer of professional lighting products dedicated to ... Film protective against dust and finger marks, adhesive, attached to louvre.


Since the movie has lines in Italian, the Italian release (where foreign movies are ... In the German-language version of the film, Mario Andretti is dubbed (and his ... The 3D version, as well as the 2013 DVD & Blu-ray releases, replaced the ...