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Some people with albinism do well using bifocals (with a strong reading lens), ... lenses, so that they can look through either the regular lens or the telescope.

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What's Life Like for Teens With Albinism? ... So most people with albinism have very pale skin, hair, and eyes. ... (the colored part of the eye) has very little color so a person's eyes might look pink or reddish. ... It does this by causing skin to tan instead of burn — which is why people with darker skin (more melanin) are l...

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Like my doll, I was blonde and green-eyed-the only one in a mass of brown skin. ... One day I asked him, "Why do people always look at me?" He said, "It's ...

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About one in 35 southern African blacks is a carrier of an albinism mutation, ..... its group does the on-going work of Jesus the Christ in re-gathering His people, .... brunettes often bleach their hair or wear colored contacts to look like Albinos.



May 15, 2014 ... If so please post a link, and I will be glad to look at it. .... If albinos do not come from Dark skinned people through a mutation where the hell do you ... not even DNA do people see mixed race it's like watching video say blacks ...

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People with albinism have translucent skin and vision defects, more serious ... are Albino would be a bit like saying that all bald people are cancer patients. ... But all white people do carry relatively minor genetic mutations that make them look ...

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People with albinism may be “legally blind” which is defined as vision that is not ... people, but lacking in clarity and detail, like a photograph with low resolution. ... Albinism is a non-degenerative retinal condition, which means it does not worsen .... They look for decreased amount of pigment in the retina, foveal hypoplasia ...

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Although people with albinism always have problems with vision, the degree varies ... of best acuity while wearing corrective lenses like glasses or contact lenses. ... Although people with nystagmus do not sense that their eyes are moving, this ...

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Dec 3, 2013 ... What is like like if you are born with albinism? ... sunlight, are the physical challenges, but people with albinism also face the ... 'Does he like me? .... As for having pale skin and pale hair – I'd look weird if I didn't look like this.

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Feb 18, 2009 ... Albinospeople with white hair and skin, and often reddish eyes—are being mutilated and ... What does a person with albinism look like?

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Mar 26, 2012 ... Two years later came the twins Andrew and Benjamin who do not have the .... In the Netherlands I've heard of people who are albino that use special ... That familly look like a lovely familly and the little adopted girl Molly looks ...

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Sep 9, 2014 ... People with albinism lack this pigment; their skin can burn more ... Large genetic studies on albinism have been inconclusive, making it look less likely that, ... Please note that we publish your name, but we do not publish your ...

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Jul 29, 2014 ... Even in developed countries, myths persist about people who have albinism. ... the nature of people with albinism, and today we're going to look at some more of ... The mutation first arose in sub-Saharan Africa, and like all genetic ... In fact, we now know that race itself does not exist genetically; there is no ...

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Jun 6, 2011 ... You seem to think that all white people are albinos, confusing the presence of .... What do the children look like, what genes do they carry over?