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American spending by year, income and age - CNN Money


See what Americans are spending their money on, based on year, income, and age. ... Consumers spent 3.3% more in 2011 · What to do with $1,000 now ...

20 ways Americans are blowing their money - USA Today


Mar 24, 2014 ... According to the tax company, Americans who do their own taxes (56 ... All parents want their children to look beautiful, but spending money on ...

How The Average U.S. Consumer Spends Their Paycheck


Where did all your money go? Take a look at ... A graph about how Americans spend their income every year, from 2010 data ... I do see your point, however, taxes are a very significant part of the average US consumer's income in most states.

Resources for Consumers - US Bureau of Labor Statistics


Consumer Expenditures show you how much Americans spend on things like gasoline and ... You may be curious how people your age spend their money.

What do People Spend Their Money On? - King of Kash


Feb 26, 2016 ... According to the data, middle class Americans spend about 19% of their money on transportation where the destitute use about 17% and the ...

Where Are Americans Spending Their Money? - Wall Street Daily


Nov 20, 2015 ... Brick-and-mortar retailers suffered in the third quarter, but consumer spending is still strong. The question is, where?

How Americans go poor by spending money on housing and related ...


Even non-homeowners spend an inordinate amount of money on housing. Overall Americans spend 33 percent of their income on housing-related items. This is ...

This Is How Americans Spent Their Money in the 1950s - Wise Bread


Jan 12, 2016 ... Americans spent their money on in the 1950s on many of the same sort of ... made do with cardboard-covered holes in the floors of their cars.

Here's what Americans are really spending money on - Yahoo Finance


May 15, 2015 ... Here are several things Americans are spending plenty of money on: ... Consumers seem unlikely to abandon their new habits, which means business need to ..... How Much Do You Really Get From Reverse Mortgage?

Where the poor and rich really spend their money - Washington Post


Apr 14, 2015 ... Indeed, the results show that regardless of income, Americans make very ... Unsurprisingly, the rich spend relatively more of their money eating ...

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5 Things Americans Spend All Their Money On These Days


Jul 5, 2016 ... 5 Things Americans Spend All Their Money On These Days .... throw away leftovers at least once a month, while 53% do so every week.

How Americans Spend Their Money: 75 Years of the Consumer ...


May 4, 2016 ... How Americans Spend Their Money: 75 Years of the Consumer Expenditure Survey .... Where do we spend less than you thought we would?

American Spending Statistics | Consolidated Credit


The amount of money you spend on the various needs and wants in your budget has ... That means the average family spent roughly 58.8% of their food budget ...