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What do gorillas eat? And other gorilla facts | WWF


Do you know what gorillas eat? Find out 7 gorilla facts you should know about the largest living primates and one of our closest animal relatives.

Do Apes Eat Meat? | Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay


Apr 18, 2011 ... Not really. Chimps do, but chimps are the closest of all of the apes to humans. The Hominid line is often to thought to be Homo only. Not so.

What do Gorillas eat? - Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe e.V.


What gorillas eat depends on what their habitat provides and on the time of the year. Mountain gorillas mainly feed on green plant parts, whereas lowland ...

Why You Should Eat Like a Wild Gorilla | The Huffington Post


Mar 27, 2013 ... Nor do you have to beat your chest. Instead, my Omni Diet is similar to what wild apes eat. Seventy percent of your food should come from ...

Correcting the Vegetarian Myths about Ape Diets


A chart for the chimps of Lope in Gabon classified by numbers of different species of food eaten (caveat: this does not equate to volume), shows the fruit species ...

Where Do Gorillas Get Their Protein? – Go ape, go wild, eat plants!


Stop worrying about getting enough protein. Instead, eat the low-fat vegan diet that will make you look good, feel good, and smell good!

10 Things Chimpanzees Eat - the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada


Aug 25, 2016 ... Chimpanzees are omnivores meaning they eat both plants and ... Until then, chimpanzees were believed to be herbivores, like other great apes.

First Proof Gorillas Eat Monkeys? - National Geographic News


Mar 7, 2010 ... Mammal DNA in gorilla feces hints the big apes might eat meat after all. ... If gorillas do eat meat, they wouldn't be the first great apes to do so.

What Do Chimps Eat? - All About Wildlife


The chimpanzee, or chimp, is an omnivore and eats a variety of plants, insects and even small animals.

How to Eat Like a Chimpanzee - Scientific American Blog Network


Aug 2, 2012 ... So what do the modern apes—and in particular our closest relatives the chimpanzees and bonobos—eat? Plants. Yes, plants. But what kind or ...