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An Atheist's Guide to 12-Step Recovery | AA Agnostica


Aug 12, 2012 ... An atheist alcoholic considers the AA 12-step recovery program. ... Maybe that's just the hangover or the dope-sickness talking, but the dirt ... insist on wearing your “God is dead” Nietzsche T-shirt to every meeting. ... their associated page numbers in the literature – will feel no need to look inside the box.

Atheist conferences - Conservapedia


Jul 12, 2016 ... The atheist Jerry Coyne speaking at a 2013 atheist meeting entitled The ... about atheist meetings: "But to me the speakers and talks have often .... is that people do this ethically, that people don't use their sex drives as an ...

Atheism and AA - Drug and Alcohol Rehab Thailand


This means that atheists can just attend meetings for support and as a social ... of putting up with the god talk, driving to a bigger city, starting their own meeting, ...

Godless Church: Seattle Atheists on The Atheist Mega Church Trend


Nov 19, 2013 ... I chatted with two members of the Seattle Atheists about the concept of atheists ... At least in my mind, the idea that we shouldn't hear people talk and ... They do their own events that involve speakers, activities for ... So I think among our young parent group there's a desire for some kind of weekly meeting...

The Religion Virus: AA Is a Religion: Atheists Kicked Out


Jun 6, 2011 ... If they want to refuse to help atheists, the law is on their side. ..... But, there are plenty of atheists and agnostics in meetings, they DO speak out, ...

Meeting Ideas - Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers


work does great things to eradicate negative perceptions of atheists. ... Planning Meeting: Talk about the future of the group, scheduling, and fund-raising. ... their beliefs and how their atheism/humanism has affected their service may be of ...

How to Meet, Date, and Woo Atheist Women - Patheos


Jul 17, 2009 ... I always hear people talking about where they can meet other atheists for dating/ mating purposes. So I put the ... Meetings of local or campus atheist groups. Certain .... Thanks to everyone who offered their thoughts! (Inspired ...

FAQ – Sunday Assembly


Two comedians, Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones were on their way to a gig in a car (VW Polo, if you like detail) when they started talking about the idea of a church without God. Pippa ... Is Sunday Assembly exclusively for atheists? ... Do you wish there was a community of like-minded people meeting simply to share the ...

Fun at the Atheist Alliance of America meeting « Why Evolution Is True


Oct 19, 2015 ... Jeff and Inna doing a joint Q&A after their separate talks at the Southern Crescent Freethinkers meeting. I can't find a YouTube video of Jeff ...

AHA FAQs // Alliance of Happy Atheists


We do not support any political parties or ... encourage people from all backgrounds to discuss their beliefs at our meetings and other gatherings.

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Atheists in AA - How it Works | AA Agnostica


Aug 10, 2016 ... You can listen to a podcast of the talk at AA Beyond Belief: Roger C. Speaking at .... encouraged him to start an AA meeting for atheists and agnostics. .... and then have a discussion at their meeting following that reading.

Why Do Atheists Get So Angry When Christians Talk About Their ...


Nov 22, 2013 ... Why Do Atheists Get So Angry When Christians Talk About Their ... in city council meetings, in your family, at every event you attended—then, ...

Atheists, Agnostics, and Freethinkers at NYU


That all said, there are many reasons why people do become atheists. ... Whatever your beliefs or reasons, we certainly invite you to share them at our meetings. .... about their (lack of) religious beliefs unless politely asked to talk about them.