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Buddhist monks and priests wear clothing that varies greatly, ranging from saffron robes that are worn by monks in Sri Lanka and Thailand to headdresses and ...

What clothes do Buddhists wear? | Reference.com


There is no specific prescription for what Buddhists should wear, although they are referred to as "lay disciples dressed in white" in Odatavasana, A.III,10 and M.I  ...

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Buddhists wear orange robes today because ancient Buddhist monks also wore orange robes. In Buddhist religious texts, the color orange is not symbolic.

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Oct 30, 2009 ... If you are a traditional Buddhist you generally wear robes. The Sankrit and Pali word foe monastic robes is civara. Wearing a civara is the first of ...

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Anna Torv, actress from Australia, frequently wears the collar up, as do many actresses, models, and other celebrities. Many Buddhists follow fashion including  ...

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Why do some wear brown robes and others wear yellowish brown? ... The colour white is used by Buddhist devotees to show their commitment to keeping the ...

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The Buddhist Monastic Robes: Mayahana Tradition: Chinese , Tibetan ... In addition to these, the nun also wears a vest or bodice (samkacchika) and has a ...

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This is a general guide to live purely and peacefully as a Buddhist girl. ... don't engage in sexual misconduct, don't lie, drink alcohol excessively, or do drugs.

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Jul 31, 2014 ... Why Buddhist Monks Wear Robes - An Insight into Modern Zen Buddhism.

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Dec 21, 2010 ... Being a visitor to Southeast Asia (especially in Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia), you'll notice Buddhist monks wearing Orange Robes ...