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Sep 23, 2007 ... Cysts. How they feel Like a soft grape. They are often tender to the touch. These fluid-filled sacs are common in breasts and the genital area.


Oct 14, 2015 ... But can a woman tell if a lump is cancer by the way it feels? ... They may also feel firm or solid, and might be fixed to the tissue in the breast.


Jan 13, 2016 ... Found a lump or unusual spot on your breast during a self-exam? Here's what you need to know about what you should do next.


Oct 14, 2016 ... For women and men, breast cancer is a very real threat. Learn what early signs to look for, how to check, and the causes and risk factors.


Lumps that feel harder or different from the rest of the breast (or the other breast) or that feel like a change should be checked. This type of lump may be a sign of ...


I have had two cancerous lumps in my body, about a decade apart. They were, in fact, two different kinds of cancer: carcinoma of the breast and Ewing's sarcoma.


Aug 11, 2014 ... For example, weakness, aching, and feeling short of breath may be ... A cancer may also cause symptoms like fever, extreme tiredness ... In the same way, a person may reason that a symptom like a breast lump is probably a ...


Good advice Rebecca. I didn't have a definite lump that I could feel. For me it was swollen tissue, more like a thickening. Even now that the ...


Jun 23, 2016 ... Breast self-exams can be an important way to find breast cancer early. ... Few women really want to do a breast self-exam, or BSE, and for many the experience ... Most women have some lumps or lumpy areas in their breasts all the time. ... The area under the nipple can feel like a collection of large grains.