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In thermodynamics, the term exothermic process (exo- : "outside") describes a process or ... Exothermic (and endothermic) describe two types of chemical reactions or ... This light that is...



Section 2–4 Chemical Reactions and Enzymes (pages 49–53). This section ... What do chemical reactions that absorb energy need to occur? They need a ...

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What is released or absorbed whenever chemical bonds form or are broken? ENERGY. What do chemical reactions that absorb energy need to occur?

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What type of chemical reaction needs to absorb energy to proceed? ... Chemical reactions that absorb energy will not occur without a source of energy true or ...

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If the reaction could occur in the opposite direction as well, two arrows pointing in opposite directions ... A chemical reaction that absorbs energy is called an endothermic reaction. ... Why do all chemical reactions need energy to get started ?

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Describe the types of energy changes that can occur in chemical reactions ... A description of a chemical reaction that absorbs heat energy from its surroundings. ... Significant heat energy is needed for this reaction to proceed, so the reaction ...

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Apr 20, 2012 ... When it comes to energy, chemical reactions may be endothermic or exothermic. ... In many endothermic reactions, heat is absorbed from the surroundings. ... Without light energy, photosynthesis cannot occur. ... Plants can get the energy they need for photosynthesis from either sunlight or artificial light.

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Energy is released or absorbed whenever chemical reactions take place due to the ... occur on their own while chemical reactions that absorb energy will not occur ... Notice that the activation energy needed for the reaction with the enzyme is ...

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How can enthalpy changes for a reaction be estimated from bond energies? ... questions from the Energy and chemical change section of General Chemistry Online. ... If breaking a bond absorbs energy from the surroundings, forming a bond must ... Now suppose we need to know estimate how much heat is liberated by ...

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Basic ideas about energy changes during chemical reactions, including ... Energy is needed to break bonds, and is given out when the new bonds are formed. ... and so some energy will either be absorbed or released during a reaction.