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Chinchillas are crepuscular rodents, slightly larger and more robust than ground squirrels. .... Sick chinchillas may quit eating if they are stressed, which can make them even more weak. Chinchilla...

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It's crucial to always give your pet chinchilla the right things to eat. This includes grass hay, chinchilla pellets, and fresh fruits and vegetables in moderation.

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Chinchillas naturally eat for long periods of time, mainly during the night. ... If they eat too much of the wrong food, e.g. grains/fruit/sweet treats, they can become ...

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Most health problems stem from an owner providing incorrect nutrition, which can be avoided with good education. Chinchillas are herbivores (plant eating ...

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In the wild, they are adapted to eating a great deal of plant material with high fiber . ... The Chinchilla needs fiber to help ensure that their teeth do not grow too ...

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Nov 27, 2002 ... Pellets and hay do make up most of the diet, but treats are still important .... Chinchillas tend to get bloated when they eat too much of anything!

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Do you think kale would be safe for a chinchilla to eat?? Reply. Mary Ann Pollitt. July 17 ..... what type of human foods can chinchillas eat. Reply. Kim Oliver.

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Jan 19, 2015 ... What kind of food do chinchillas eat ... make them sick they are diabetic and chinchillas can't eat other animals food it'll make even more sick.

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The nutrition of chinchillas includes fruits, pellets, seeds, barks, berries, grass, alfalfa, leaves and plants. Typically, they eat foods that contain high levels of fiber .

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Chinchillas in the wild mainly forage for seeds, bark, herbs and grasses. As omnivores, they also eat meat and enjoy bird eggs or insects in their diets when the ...

Chinchillas eat many types of vegetation, but primarily on grass and seeds.
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Chinchillas can live without treats, pellets and hay are the only foods that are ... First of all we cannot give to our chinchilla every food that we eat as treat or not.

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The spurs or points of the teeth can do serious damage to your chinchilla if it goes untreated. Watch for any changes in your chinchillas eating habits, excessive ...

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Below is a list of many foods you can feed a chinchilla. ... Pellets are designed so your pet can easily eat them and include the correct amounts of protein, fat, ...