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This website is about Deer and what they eat. Learn how to attract deer to your area, deer in the wild, and what a fawn eats and how to feed them.

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The typical diet of the white-tailed deer does not remain constant all year long. They eat what is easily accessible. In the wintertime food is significantly harder to  ...

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Nov 3, 2015 ... To the hunter, understanding what deer eat and how they adjust their diets over the year to meet changing nutritional requirements will not only ...

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not deer food. Deer have very selective food habits and eat only a small percentage of the plants pre- sent. Plants can be classed as “preferred,” “ common,”.

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If you know what deer are going to be eating in the middle of winter, you'll know where to set up for a ... They do not like to pluck food from standing stalks. In fact  ...

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What Do Deer Eat - Natural foods deer eat in the wild.

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Deer eat twigs, branches, leaves, fruits, grass, nuts, alfalfa and fungi, depending on the availability and the season. During the spring, deer prefer sweet clover, ...

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Oct 14, 2011 ... How often do they need to feed? During the early fall deer spend much of their time feeding on low-fiber food sources like fruits and forbs ...

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Sep 2, 2010 ... Do that and the bucks will bed down, hold and as long as you've got a stream and ... The deer eating bird video is here on Big Buck Zone,OL