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What do deer like to eat? squash - YouTube


Feb 25, 2011 ... Apparently deer like squash. ... What Do Deer See? - Deer and Deer Hunting Video Tips - Duration: 3:41. by Deer Hunting 89,477 views. 3:41.

Winter Feeding of Deer: What You Should Know - Maine.gov


sincere concern for wild deer, many people will do more harm than good and may ... Remember: Just because deer will eat a food provided by humans in winter ...

Food Deer Eat - Comcast.net


Deer do not move to where food is more abundant. The only eat nuts. ... Whitetail Deer are known to eat over 600 species of plants in North America. What they eat is ... Deer like all living things require water in order to survive. In the winter the ...

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What Do Deer Eat - Natural foods deer eat in the wild.

What Do Deer Eat? | Deer Management at Buck Manager


Aug 17, 2007 ... While white-tailed deer are ruminants like cows, but their diet selection is much different. Cattle are grass-roughage eaters, have a relatively ...

Feeding deer corn is not the best thing to do - Farm and Dairy


Feb 25, 2010 ... Deer's winter digestive system is not equipped to handle a high carbohydrate ... I DON'T feed them to eat them…i feed them 'cause i LIKE to!

what do whitetail deer like to eat most? | Yahoo Answers


Oct 28, 2007 ... Best Answer: Whitetail Deer seem to adapt well to different areas, and their individual diets will be a direct result of the area they live in. Deer ...

If deer do not eat grass, what are they doing in my yard every ...


Aug 30, 2011 ... So who is right; do deer eat grass? ... your cousin wrong , yes they eat grass flowers vegetates leaves also corn , deer like some what like a cow.

what kinds of food can deer eat? | Yahoo Answers


Jan 27, 2007 ... First I thought I was doing a good thing by saving her now I feel like I could have harmed her. I think sometimes we need to let nature do its ...

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What Do Deer Eat


If you would like to see more deer find their way to you there are things you can do to attract ... The most important amongst these is finding out what do deer eat.

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It isn't easy to find an animal who looks more graceful and majestic than the white -tailed deer. When you spot one of these guys skipping throughout the woods, ...

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You are here: Deer>>Library>>What do whitetail deer eat ... Like humans deer have food preferences and will eat their food preferences whenever and ...

What Do Deer Eat In Winter? | Hunting, Fishing and Shooting News ...


If you know what deer are going to be eating in the middle of winter, you'll know ... Remember, too, that deer like to bed as close as possible to food sources to ...

What do deer like to eat that I can provide? - THR


I already know they like corn, potato peels, acorns, and persimmons. What else?