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Falcons eat mammals, birds, snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, fish, insects, fruits and carrion.


The peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus), also known as the peregrine, and historically as the ... As is typical of bird-eating raptors, peregrine falcons are sexually dimorphic, ..... The Barbary falcon has a peculiar way of flying, beating only the outer part of its wings like fulmars sometimes do; this also occurs in the peregrine, ...

Feb 8, 2013 ... Peregrine falcon catches wild pigeon, then proceeds to devour its face. They love the brain too.


One of the most common falcon species, the peregrine falcon, eats mainly other birds, such as ducks, gulls, pigeons, cranes, ptarmigans, swifts and many types ...


Most peregrine falcons (60%) do not survive their first year. Those who do have an ... Peregrine falcons will also eat small reptiles and mammals. Most frequent ...


Falcon, an avivore, is a bird of prey that can be trained to hunt other birds and animals. These falcons eat small birds, raw meat, and live animals such as mice  ...


Peregrine Falcons eat mostly birds, of an enormous variety—450 North ... The birds do no nest building beyond a ritualized scraping of the nest ledge to create a ...


Have you ever asked yourself 'What do Peregrine Falcons eat?' RodentPro looks at common falcon food and different traits of the Peregrine Falcon.


The Peregrine Falcon is a raptor, or bird of prey. Adults have ... Peregrine falcons eat other birds such as songbirds and ducks, as well as bats. They catch their ...


DDT worked its way up the food chain when poisoned insects were eaten by smaller ... Peregrine falcons do not bring nesting material to an area to build a nest.