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The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also sometimes colloquially known as the Betta, ... Most tend to do this regularly even if there is no female present. .... tail (halfmoon variation with...

How to Determine the Sex of a Betta Fish: 9 Steps (with Pictures)


Dec 5, 2015 ... Male and female Betta fish will look very similar when young. ... Female Bettas almost look like stubby males when comparing body shape. ... In order to determine the sex of the betta, do I have to use all of the signs of their ...

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Oct 7, 2014 ... This video is about how to tell if your betta fish is male or female, thank you for watching. ... How to do Anything 49,238 views. 8:10. How To Tell ...

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Female bettas have smaller tails and fins than male bettas. The females tend to look more like standard fish, while the males develop elegant, long, flowing fins and tails that sway and wave as they swim. ... How Do Betta Fish Mate & When?

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You can find betta fish sitting quietly in tiny cups on the shelves of pet stores everywhere. You may feel like rescuing a bunch of them and plopping them in a larger tank ... Males tend to have larger and longer bodies than the females do, and ...

Bubbles & Bettas: Male or Female?


Male Bettas generally have longer fins, while females have shorter finnage. ... Sometimes males, however, have something that does look like an egg spot, just to .... Maybe you should learn more about fish before you go posting things like this ...

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Without the full growth of its dorsal fins, these fish will all look pretty similar. I've heard the term “ugly duckling” thrown around a lot and it does suit the female pretty well .... I like to also preach to all fish owners to stick up for the female Betta.

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Mar 20, 2015 ... This image is commonly associated with Betta fish specific products and in advertising. ... traditionally thought of as having long fins, as this halfmoon male does. ... of gender so it is important to look at unique features to the gender. ... that a Betta splendens is female because, like all thing betta, a visual egg...

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Jul 21, 2009 ... Betta fish are popular pets and are known for their distinct coloration and ... After extracting eggs from the female, the two must again be ... Bettas do not give live birth. ... After mating, look for tiny flecks in the bubble nest. ... You Don't Need To Talk Like A Baby To Communicate With Your Grown Pet ·...

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That eye only can tell without a doubt the settle differences between a female and ... (some females do too, but they usually wax it) (oh, just kidding you guys!) ... Below, see a close up of what an 'Apache' male's beard, “sticking” out, looks like.