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How to Help a Hamster With Sticky Eye: 10 Steps


Jul 1, 2015 ... If this fluid drips out and dries around the eyelid, it can prevent the hamster ... If this is the case, there won't be any crust present holding the eye closed, so you can gently open your hamster's eye and look. ... Swollen eyes.

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Mar 27, 2014 ... what if my hamsters eye is half closed but doesnt have crust around it ... eye is closed in the morning and is open at night. he does not have wet tails ... a bad eye and it has no puss or crusting just redness and kinda swelling. i ...

Eye Problems In Hamsters - Pet Web Site


There are times when a hamster may experience sticky eyes, cloudy eyes or other ... The closed eye should be wiped with a small piece of cotton wool soaked in ... This is usually sufficient to open the eye but if not the eyelids can sometimes be ... If a hamster has recurring problems with runny, sticky or swollen eyes or the  ...

Hamster has one eye closed. | Ask A Vet


My hamster has one eye closed all the time. ... Eye closed in hamster. ... He does not seem in pain, though. What does it mean and what should I do for him? ... If there was a facial abscess that was causing some swelling it it possible that the ...

Protrusion of Eyeball (Eye Bulging) in Hamsters | petMD


In fact, the sooner the hamster is treated, the more likely it is that the eye can be saved. If the condition worsens, surgical removal of the eye is the only solution.

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Oct 6, 2011 ... It can happen to hamsters given the best of care. .... If you think your hamster's pouches are unusually swollen or damaged, take it to the vet. ... Sometimes the eye crust and closed eyes are signs of dehydration and not true conjunctivitis. .... My hámster was bitten on the nose by my other hamster and she is ...

Pink Eye in Hamsters | petMD


However, do not self-administer medication as hamsters are extremely ... Sticky eyelids due to dried up discharge; Swollen eye (or face in severe cases); Redness around the edge of the eyelids ... to determine if an infectious agent is the underlying cause of the conjunctivitis. ... What's the Best Way to Give My Dog a Pill?

Symptoms of Poor Hamster Health or Illness | PetHelpful


Dec 20, 2015 ... Although it can be fatal if not noticed soon enough, it is curable. .... quickly, eyes are closed, and he isn't moving or accepting food or water. ... My dwarf hamster is suffering from blindness and a puffy eye and it looks like its ...

Why are my hamster's eyes stuck shut? - Ask.com


Colds and allergies also cause a hamster's eyes to stick shut, as can dehydration . ... If the tissue surrounding the eye is swollen and red, the hamster is most ...

Wet Tail Hamster Disease: Signs, Causes and Treatment Care


If you wait too long to see if it gets better on its own, the hamster can die in a matter of ... My hamster is on antibiotics for swollen eyes and has been doing well but .... My hamster has her eyes shut and has her tail wet I'm thinking diarrhea she's ...

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Do look through this topic if your hamster is unwell. ... When your hamster is on a course of antibiotics, be sure to supplement his/her daily food .... Closed or swollen eye sometimes comes together with respiratory infection.

Sticky eye hamster - Hammys World


The hamsters closed eye can be wiped with a small piece of cotton wool soaked in a ... Use disposable cotton wool swabs when you wipe or dry the eyes and ...



Because a hamster's health can deteriorate so quickly, it's important to be aware of key signs of illness so ... dull looking partly closed eyes, ... If your hamster has a bulging eye or has lost an eye, you should see a vet; many times the swelling will go ... In this case the hamster will look like he has a swollen face on one...