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Apr 7, 2017 ... One reason your hamster's eye may be watery or closed is that something is .... How do I clean my hamster's sticky eye if he keeps attacking the swab? ... What should I do if my hamster's eye is red and swollen but not closed?


If this happens due to a mother picking up its baby hamster by the face, the baby ... Our hampster has a swollen and almost buldging eye – cheek is puffy to .... My hamsters eyes are sealing shut almost immediately after washing them off, she ...


There are times when a hamster may experience sticky eyes, cloudy eyes or other ... The closed eye should be wiped with a small piece of cotton wool soaked in ... This is usually sufficient to open the eye but if not the eyelids can sometimes be ... If a hamster has recurring problems with runny, sticky or swollen eyes or the  ...


Do look through this topic if your hamster is unwell. ... E - Eye (Swollen, Closed) ... When your hamster is on a course of antibiotics, be sure to ...


It is something that needs to be seen by a vet. A swollen eye could be a number of different ... Also you'll need to pick a time to do it when the hamster is less active as they will wriggle and be difficult to do it ... Why is my dog's eye swollen shut?


In fact, the sooner the hamster is treated, the more likely it is that the eye can be saved. If the condition worsens, surgical removal of the eye is the only solution.


An eye that is swollen shut and producing a discharge can be caused by ... But, even if it's not one of those two, hamsters can develop allergies to their bedding.


The hamsters closed eye can be wiped with a small piece of cotton wool soaked in a ... Use disposable cotton wool swabs when you wipe or dry the eyes and ...


"Symptoms: One or both eyes remaining shut even when hamster is ... If the eye does not show any signs of recovery in 2-3 days, consult a vet ...