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Aug 21, 2016 ... While it's less common these days than it used to be, it still happens from time to time that iPods (and iPhones and iPads, too) freeze up. If it ...


May 10, 2017 ... If your iPod doesn't respond when you press the buttons, learn what to do. ... Find out what to do when your iPod touch won't charge.


This article will describe the steps you can follow to unfreeze your iPod or what to do if it won't turn on. Steps for troubleshooting click-wheel iPods like the Nano ...


Scared out of your mind because your iPod has a frozen screen? Don't worry, this is fairly ... What can I do if my iPod is frozen and I can't turn it off? wikiHow ...


How do I fix my iPod if it is "hung" on the Apple logo? How do I fix my iPod if it shows a folder with a "!" icon or "sad" iPod? How do I fix my iPod if it won't show up ...


Mar 11, 2016 ... The iPod is a portable media player created and sold by Apple Inc. It is by far the most popular portable media player in the world. iPod stores ...

Jun 11, 2011 ... Welcome to another one of my helpful tutorials. Today I will be showing you how to successfully un-freeze your apple iPod Touch or iphone.


Feb 12, 2002 ... Make sure that the finger you are using to press the Select button is not ... open, then your device should mount and show up under “Devices” in the left iTunes sidebar (see image to the right). If your iPod, iPad or iPhone doesn't mount, then please read this page: My iPod/iPhone Won't Mount or Update.


Restore the iPod Touch to its factory settings if the Home screen is still unresponsive at this point. Do this by clicking the "Restore" button on the same iTunes ...

Oct 20, 2011 ... hey everybody today I'm gonna be showing you how to fix a frozen iPhone any model this also works for iPod touch and iPad any model. Hope you ... Hope you enjoyed please like, comment, and subscribe to my channel. Peace. ... 14 Things You Didn't know You Could do With an iPhone! - Duration: 6:45.