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What would my occupation be? - TurboTax Support


The occupation you enter does not affect your tax return. ... I'am still in High School and work part time so what would my occupation be? ... You can either put student or a description of what you do at your part-time job (i.e. cashier, associate, etc.) ... does say enter your occupation(s) which indicates it may be more than one...

Changing Jobs - TurboTax Tax Tips & Videos


Even if you're just thinking about it, here's some tax information you'll need to keep ... more, but the amount withheld will increase if you have more than one job ... Normally, the law allows you to avoid capital-gains tax on the first $250,000 of gain on .... of federal tax returns and free federal e-file of up to 5 feder...

What Do I Put on My Taxes as My Occupation if I Had More Than ...


Regardless of the circumstance that drives your decision to take on two jobs, the truth is that having more than one job can cause a bit of a conundrum at tax time  ...

When To File Your First Tax Return - Forbes


1/26/2011 @ 10:26AM ... If you're a dependent (that means someone else pays more than half ... of more than $950, you have to file or your parents can elect to put your ... (Provided, that is, he's not netting more than $400 from self- employment income.) ... want to file anyway if he had income taxes withheld from a paycheck ...

Which tax return form should you use? - Bankrate.com


That's why you should use the simplest tax return you can, especially if ... The EZ is the shortest and simplest form, the 1040A is a bit more complex ... 1, then for filing purposes you are considered to have turned 65 last year and ... I am 84 yrs. old and just found out my wife had an insurance policy naming me as beneficiary.

All Of Your 2015 Rideshare Tax Questions Answered


Feb 17, 2016 ... I'm not going to lie, I actually enjoy doing my taxes every year. ... Now obviously Lyft and Uber do a whole lot more than facilitate ... If that's the case, you still only have to file one Schedule C but you will need .... But if you know of a CPA or a tax preparer that specializes in 1099 employment, entrepren...

Publication 17 (2015), Your Federal Income Tax - IRS.gov


You can claim the amount of expenses that is more than 2% of your adjusted gross income. .... in looking for a new job in your present occupation, even if you don't get a new job. ... An “income aid payment” is one that is received under an employer's plan to aid .... You can use the fee only to figure gain or loss from the sal...

The 10 Worst Tax Mistakes You Can Make | The Fiscal Times


Feb 4, 2013 ... We've broken down the top mistakes you should avoid point by point–translated ... (no real estate property, one salaried job, simple or no investments, etc.) ... But if you think that your total deductions will amount to more than that, you ... But, if you get an extension, you can't put off paying the taxes you ...

Got a side hustle? Here's how to pay your taxes


Feb 10, 2015 ... 1. Do I need to pay taxes? If you made more than $400 from client work, side gigging, Etsy, ... I would receive at the end of the year is eaten up by taxes on my self-employment income. ... The IRS computer might end up thinking you had twice the income you really did. ... 4 ways to put your tax refund to work.

Publication 529 - IRS.gov


Dec 21, 2015 ... You can deduct certain expenses as miscellaneous item- ized deductions on ... Job search expenses in your present occupation. Laboratory ... You had to make the loan in order ..... even if you are away from your tax home for more than 1 year. ..... You can use the fee only to figure gain or loss from the sale ...

What Do I Put on My Taxes as My Occupation if I Had More Than One Job?
Not all taxpayers are specialized workers in only one field of study. Some taxpayers operate hobby businesses while others work two jobs to earn extra income. Regardless of the circumstance that drives your decision to take on two jobs, the truth is that... More »
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