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Boardshorts, which were originally known as Surf Trunks, later as Jams, and occasionally in British English as swim shorts, are a style of men's and, ... Boardshorts do not have an elastic waist...

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Sep 14, 2013 ... Now if you're one of those guys who can't run commando in trunks because ... Or if you must, wear a speedo underneath your board shorts.

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Guys moving to board shorts have asked since there isn't a liner do they go commando or wear underwear or something else under them? The short answer is, ...

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There are countless styles of boardshorts to choose from on the market today. ... Because of their slack fit, secure fly and soft fabrics, most men prefer to swim in ... Do you need to wear under wear with them if they don't have the mesh lining for ...

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It is common for nothing to be worn under board shorts although some people choose to wear ... What are some common types of men's athletic wear?

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Mar 12, 2014 ... OK, I know this may be a stupid question but do men's board shorts have the ... he will only wear longer shorts and wants longer swim trunks (teen agers!) .... My son wears under armor athletic shorts under his board shorts ...

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Typically swimwear is made from fast drying fabric that is lightweight. When cotton ... Most guys just freeball it ...don't wear anything under their board shorts. Some board shorts have a built in mesh "bannana hammock" to sort ...

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I know this is REALLY of topic and even a lttle out of season, but what, if anything, do most guys wear under boardshorts?

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Board shorts are a type of swimwear commonly used by surfers and others ... Surfing-Waves.com Forum Post on "What do you wear under board shorts" ...

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hybrid shorts. When you get out of the water and head into your favorite taco shop, do you ever feel like people are wondering why you're wearing boardshorts?

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I know people that wear nothing under them, so just do what ever ... like a newbie whatever you do, and no amount of boardshorts its gonna change that. ... huh guys hehehe) ... yes , i like to wear a nice pair of 1880's cancan ...

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Do the shorts bunch up if you don't wear something underneath? .... Bikini Bottoms are the best option under board shorts as far as drying time and comfort is comcerned. ... Why are men's swimming shorts all long (and.

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Made to wear under boardshorts. Helo shorts are quick drying compression shorts. Perfect for water sports, wearing helo shorts under your board shorts helps ...