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Mormons believe their church is a restoration of the Church as conceived by Jesus and that the other Christian churches have gone astray.
Mormons believe that God has a physical body, is married, and can have children.

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Mormonism is the predominant religious tradition of the Latter Day Saint movement of ..... Additionally, Mormons do not believe in creation ex nihilo, believing that matter is eternal, and creation ...

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ORDER A FREE BOOK OF MORMON. .... Why does life continue after death? ... peace in my life after the tragic death of my little brother because I believe we ...

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He knew what he had to do when he read from the Bible, James 1:5: “If any of you ... Mormons believe that ancient prophets of God recorded on its pages divine ...

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God the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost constitute the Godhead or Trinity for Mormons.

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The problem with Mormonism is that it contradicts, modifies, and expands on the Bible. Christians do not have a reason to believe that the Bible is untrue or ...

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Aug 22, 2012 ... The Mormon faith is a creation of America. Born out of upstate New York, the church now claims to be the fastest-growing on the planet.

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Feb 4, 2016 ... The short answer to this is simple: No. Many Mormons casually refer to "hell" in the same way that other Christians do, as a place of punishment ...

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Jun 9, 2015 ... In his early years before founding the Mormon church, Joseph Smith admitted that he sought after gold through magical means. Some might ...

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What Do Mormons Believe [Rex E. Lee] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Few religions have grown more rapidly in recent years or ...