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Moths comprise a group of insects related to butterflies, belonging to the order Lepidoptera. ... Among those adult moths that do eat, they will drink nectar.


Information about what moths eat and how to prevent moth infestations.


With few exceptions, adult butterflies and moths eat only various liquids to maintain their water balance and energy stores. Most adults sip flower nectar, but  ...


That depends on the moth, and also the lifestage. Most adult butterflies and moths (the stage with the wings) either drink nectar or eat nothing at all. They only need ...


Adult moths don't actually eat clothes. It is the moth larvae that feeds off of the keratin in your clothes. Learn what happens when they do.


If you've ever pulled your favorite wool sweater out of storage only to find it riddled with holes, you know the aggravation that a tiny little moth can generate.

Jul 10, 2013 ... You know that when you hold a moth or a butterfly like that it will not be able to fly again properly ? Maybe it will fly, but ... what else do they eat.
Jun 17, 2016 ... Protect clothes from moths - Natural protection with lavender - Duration: ... Are Moths eating your wool rug? ... Do Moths Really Eat Clothes?


Fluttering between flowers and dense foliage, moths do not physically damage leaves as adults. In fact, mature moths eat little and usually rely on flower nectar ...


Aug 31, 2012 ... They don't, technically. It's actually their larvae, or caterpillars, that eat clothes, not the adult moths. It's only a relatively small group of moths, the ...