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Moths comprise a group of insects related to butterflies, belonging to the order Lepidoptera. ... Among those adult moths that do eat, they will drink nectar.

What Do Moths Eat


Information about what moths eat and how to prevent moth infestations.

What do moths eat? - Quora


Oct 6, 2012 ... That depends on the moth, and also the lifestage. Most adult butterflies and moths (the stage with the wings) either drink nectar or eat nothing at ...

Do Moths Really Eat Clothes? - Today I Found Out


Nov 5, 2013 ... And boy do those things have an appetite. The full list of things clothes moth larvae can eat is pretty insane- basically they can eat and survive ...

Raising Butterflies & Moths - Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County


Rearing Butterflies & Moths ... Nearly all butterflies and moth larvae eat plants. ... If you do not know what kind of lepidopteran you have, you should provide each ...

Can Moths Eat Leaves? | Home Guides | SF Gate


Fluttering between flowers and dense foliage, moths do not physically damage leaves as adults. In fact, mature moths eat little and usually rely on flower nectar ...

Clothes Moths | Entomology


Clothes moths are well-known as pests of stored woolens, but they will eat a wide range of ... Clothes moth adults do not feed so they cause no injury to fabrics.

Why Do Moths Eat Clothes? | Mental Floss


Aug 31, 2012 ... They don't, technically. It's actually their larvae, or caterpillars, that eat clothes, not the adult moths.It's only a relatively small group of moths, the ...

Clothing Moths: Prevention and Control - Washington Toxics Coalition


Only the larvae have chewing or biting mandibles which allow them to eat fabrics; the adult moths do not even have the mouthparts necessary to chew on ...

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A moths' diet extends beyond nectar, the food they are most known for eating. For example, they consume many different types of liquids to gain energy for ...

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What do butterflies and moths eat? | The Children's Butterfly Site


With few exceptions, adult butterflies and moths eat only various liquids to maintain their water balance and energy stores. Most adults sip flower nectar, but  ...

7 Things You Don't Know About Moths | National Moth Week, Moth ...


Jul 27, 2012 ... Moths have a bad rep as being dull, drab pests, but these insects are fascinatingly diverse, from the ... To avoid being eaten, some moths have evolved to look like less palatable insects, such as .... Why Do Moths Eat Clothes?

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Most adult moths eat nectar or simply do not feed, and moth larvae feed on many types of foliage and clothing fibers. Adult male moths of the Calyptra genus are ...