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The cougar (Puma concolor), also commonly known as the mountain lion, puma, panther, ..... A successful generalist predator, the cougar will eat any animal it can catch, from insects to large ungula...

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Mountain lions eat large mammals such as deer, and smaller mammals such as mice, squirrels, ... Young mountain lions have spots, but adults do not! Mountain ...

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Mountain lions like to prey on deer, though they also eat smaller animals such as ... much of their Midwest and Eastern range—if humans allow them to do so.

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Mountain lions are carnivores that enjoy hunting and eating deer, but they will also kill other animals like raccoons and coyotes. Once common in almost all ...

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Oct 23, 2013 ... As it turns out, mountain lions, panthers, pumas and cougars are all the same species: Puma ... Mountain lions are carnivores and rarely eat vegetation. ... However, if you DO encounter a mountain lion, here's what to do:.

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Reported sightings of mountain lions do not imply increased danger in a given ... Mountain lions are strict carnivores (i.e., they only eat animal prey) but they are ...

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Mountain lions eat a variety of prey depending on where they live. ... We can learn to live with mountain lions by thinking about what we do. Don't hike alone or  ...

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The cougar, which is also commonly referred to as a puma, mountain lion or panther, is the second largest cat in North America ... After killing a large animal, a cougar hides the carcass and eats in the coming days ... What You Can Do To Help.

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Mountain lions are about 5 ft. in length and weighing around 135 lbs. They usually hunt at night and like to prey on deer. They also eat smaller animals such as ...

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Mountain Lions are extremely agile creatures. Their long hind limbs allow them to cover a distance of 40 feet in a single leap. What does the mountain lion eat?

Cougars eat moose, elk, deer, caribou, smaller mammals and fish.
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Where Do Mountain Lions Live in the U.S.? What Do Mountain Lions Eat? Are Mountain ... If Mountain Lions Aren't Endangered Why Do They Need Protection?

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“Nowhere in their vast geographic distribution do mountain lions exhibit such distinct summer and winter diets as in our study area,” writes project leader for ...

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Apr 14, 2009 ... ... while communing with nature: "Do not run from a lion," the site advises, ... " Immobility may be interpreted by the mountain lion as a sign that ...