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When you book for maternity care with your midwife or doctor, you will be given a personal maternity ... What do all these abbreviations in my notes mean?

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Your pregnancy notes is a medical record that will have lots of information ... This refers to the position of your baby and means that his or her bottom or feet are ...

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A lot of your pregnancy notes will be written in medical jargon - here's a reference ... You may also see the letters Tr, which means a small trace has been found.

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... look after you. However, these scribbles can be baffling, so what do they mean ? ... “I was completely baffled to see 'PET bloods taken' on my notes. It was as ...

Understanding your maternity (green) notes - abbreviations ...


I'm not sure if you have already seen this, so I thought I would share. ... G= Gravida means # of Pregnancy * P= Parity means #

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Dec 3, 2015 ... Here is our guide to deciphering what it all means. ... she will give you antenatal notes updating the progress of your pregnancy. ... Understanding your notes can be tricky, as medical jargon and abbreviations are used.

What Does That Mean? Your Antenatal Note Jargon Explained ...


Medical teams and midwives can often use a lot of jargon when talking about your pregnancy - so speak their language.

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Feb 15, 2012 ... Find out what pregnancy and birth terms mean that are used by health ... You may see 'FH heard' or 'FHH' on your notes - that means your baby's ... blocks the baby's exit, which would mean you need a caesarean section.

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Feb 2, 2013 ... I was fascinated by my pregnancy notes and read them after ... I don't mean to suggest that people should routinely keep their own and they not ...

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How often should my unborn baby move? ... This means they will all see you during your pregnancy. .... The measurement will be recorded in your notes.

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Read on to find out what some of the key maternity note abbreviations mean. ... 1/ 5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 refer either to how much of the head can be felt above your ...

Understanding your maternity notes - BabyCenter


When you book for maternity care with your midwife or doctor, you will be given a personal maternity record, which is usually referred to as your 'notes'. ... in an abbreviated form which can make it difficult to understand what they mean. .... On my antinatal record it sais under "FHS" +Lee or tcee... does anyone know...

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Your maternity notes make for interesting reading (although once you've carried them around for ... What do all the abbreviations mean on my maternity notes?