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Mar 26, 2012 ... She does look like a pregnant molly does except it's really early in the pregnancy. i don't know how long she's been pregnant, but the gestation period is around ...

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Why does the male guppy have some much interest in her belly? can that guppy ... Well the guppy is male, the molly is PREGNANT FEMALE and yes they can cross ... The average batch is usually 15-20, she looks like she might have a lot.

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Sep 12, 2012 ... This is my Silver Molly JUST starting labor. ... They also tend to do what looks like a gag (0:44)every so often, I assume it is either from ... I just didn't move the pregnant female to the big tank since she was pregnant, less stress ...

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To do this we watch closely for the pregnant Molly female to get super close to .... Now her belly is huge and you can see what looks like eggs or the baby's sacs ...

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Apr 11, 2011 ... Hello all I am new to this forum, and it looks very helpful. ... Does a gravid spot show on a silver molly? ... She looks like she is pregnant.

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Do you have a pregnant molly fish? Read the breeding .... I have a Lyretail Molly and it's bottom lip looks like it got stretched and it has white bumps on it's head.

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To tell if a black molly fish is pregnant, look for swelling and a black ... How do molly fish mate? ... A: Like all mollies, the black molly is a live-bearing fish. Mollies ...

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Guppies, mollies, swordtails, and platies are probably the most common ... Look for a red or black spot. ... These may look like small pits or gravel mounds, but they are not always visible. .... How do I know that my glass fish is pregnant?

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The sex of the fry shouldn't be determined because they all look like females in the ... If you don't have many other fish, don't worry about removing a pregnant ... If you do plan to breed mollies, or any other live-bearing fish and want to in ...

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Notice that the anal fin looks very different in the male than in the females. ... Because mollies like salt in their water don't keep them with other species ... Whatever you do, don't use iodized salt in your tank or it will kill your fish! ... They are plastic containers that you put the pregnant female molly in (or any live...