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The bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) is a species of sheep native to North America named for .... Bighorn sheep are named for the large, curved horns borne by the rams (males). ... Bighorn sheep live in large herds, and do not typically follow a single leader ram, unlike the mouflon, the ancestor of the domestic sheep, which ...


Jul 31, 2014 ... Rams are male bighorn sheep, animals that live in the mountains and ... They get most of their water from eating plants to survive, according to ...


Sep 21, 2015 ... Ram eating haylage ... Mostly sheep eat grass, clover, forbs, and other pasture plants. ... Plants do not grow at the same rate all year round.


Fish guide for Ram Cichlid, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi Butterfly Cichlid, German ... This fish is 'more bark than bite' and will not do well in an aggressive tank. .... Some may eat flakes and pellets, but these should not be the staple of their diet.


Desert bighorn sheep eat brushy plants such as desert holly and desert cactus. ... In the fall, the rams compete for ewes by having butting contests. ... lions, wolves, bobcats, coyotes and golden eagles do not pose a threat to bighorn sheep.


Mar 21, 2017 ... What type of fish food should I be feeding Bolivian Rams? ... by them they do not budge, I think they are brain dead. Is there anything I can do to get them to eat?


Jun 10, 2013 ... Some rams will go to the top to eat, while others will not, it depends on the ... If you do any sort of research on rams, you'll read time and time ...


Since the fish are not eating, remove any accumulations of uneaten food. ... Sir the water in the tank is old, I do a 30% change every week I got the ram & they ...


Will German Blue Rams eat Red Cherry Shrimp. by wesaltman 3 ... Rams get a bad rap... they really are a great community fish.. they will do fine with endlers.

Oct 2, 2012 ... Hey guys yep another ram video haha, ill have to change it up soon! sorry :p. ... out the blues in the fish, but not like a black light or actinic does.