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The (Sometimes Hidden) Meaning of Shapes | Design Shack


The shapes of objects in your design may be sending a message to users that you ... Because a circle does not have a distinct beginning or end, they imply movement (such as a wheel). ... Crosses also symbolize health, hope and balance.

Simple Symbol Meaning - Whats-Your-Sign.com


Playing with these shapes (just as our children do in elementary learning) will cause ... Triangle symbolism speaks to us of magic, and creativity. Here are some  ...

The meaning and symbolism of shapes in design and layout


Oct 21, 2014 ... Shapes have meaning and can symbolise different things. Certain shapes make you feel a certain way - and good designers know this!



“The meaning of Symbol is defined as “a thing that represents or stands for something else,. especially a material object representing something abstract”.

The psychology of logo shapes – a designer's guide | Creative Bloq


Mar 11, 2016 ... The logo shapes used by big brands aren't chosen by chance - we offer ... recognisable logo shapes than Nike's Swoosh, but what does it do?

About Symbols - Basic Symbology: Geometric Shapes on Sue ...


Basic Symbology: Geometric Shapes ... The universal expression of shapes is the foundation of geometry. ... The square symbolizes the earth and stability.

Basic Shapes Symbolism & Meanings | Sun Signs


Jul 31, 2015 ... Many shapes have important meanings that go far beyond their geometric structure. For instance, shapes can symbolize elements. The square ...

The Psychological Meanings Behind Familiar Shapes (And How to ...


Nov 20, 2015 ... Like colors and fonts, shapes are important design tools that can symbolize ideas , express moods, and lead the eye.

More than just a circle and square: Shapes in Chinese Culture


Apr 23, 2012 ... We previously wrote about the use of colors in Chinese culture, and now is as good a time as any to extend this topic on Chinese symbolism.

Logo mark Shapes and Meanings - LogoPsych


Jan 19, 2013 ... It's important to note that not only does the shape of the positive space in a logo help set an impression but also the NEGATIVE space which is ...

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The Meaning Of Shapes: Developing Visual Grammar - Vanseo ...


Apr 5, 2010 ... What kind of shapes do we have at our disposal? ... In Buddhist symbolism a square (earthbound) inside a circle (eternal whole) represents the ...

Geometric Shapes and their Meanings - Symbol Meanings


Because basic geometric shapes are so simplistic in construction, they are found all ... However, there are a variety of meanings that are more commonly ascribed to these shapes, ... What Do Colleges Consider as an Extracurricular Activity?

Shapes And Their Meanings | OnlineDesignTeacher


Feb 22, 2016 ... The meaning of shapes can vary widely depending on the type of shape, ... and are a common shape in religious and mystical symbolism.