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Feeding & Watering - Chapter 4. / Comprehensive Snail Care Guide


You do not have to provide drinking water - as long as you keep the snails damp, by spraying with (warm in winter!) water about twice a day, depending on how ...

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Jun 21, 2011 ... Joanie P.1 year ago. Yup :) I have pet snails and their water dish always needs to be filled <3 ... yes they do and this is adorable. Read more.

How to Feed a Snail: 5 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Snails can slither over a razor blade and be fine because of the way their ... Snails are very good at drowning themselves, and do not need water for drinking.

How to Care for Garden Snails (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Garden snails are one of the easiest and cheapest pets to locate, since they are often present in large numbers eating the plants in your yard. While they do ...

Do snails drink water - Answers.com


Snails do drink water not very much though. Do not give it to much or it will die. DO NOT LET IT GET AROUND SALT OR SALTWATER! The same goes with ...

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many of the foods that owners have found that their snails will eat (to ..... without drinking loads of milk after words so imagen what it does to ...

What do snails drink - Answers.com


Snails drink water but not too much water. If u give them too much water they could die, but when its raining it might be a good idea to put your snail outside.

What Do I Feed My Snails if I Don't Have Fish in the Tank? | Animals ...


In aquariums with other species, snails help clean the habitat by consuming otherwise uneaten food, but they live just as happily in a snails-only tank.

Do snails and slugs get drunk? | PetSnails Forum


Do they like beer because of the alcohol or the yeast or what, and do they get drunk like an adult drinking beer, or hyper like a preschooler ...

What Types of Plants Do Snails Eat in a Pond? | Home Guides | SF ...


Pond snails eat algae, but have also been known to eat both floating and rooted aquatic plants and a variety of decaying organic matter. While most pond snails ...

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What do snails drink? | Facts About Snails


Snails and slugs are soft bodied animals which contain considerable amounts of water. As a result, they need to be very concerned with water conservation ...

What do snails drink? - Ask.com


Snails need water to survive, and some snails do drink water; some species of snails absorb water from the air or, in the case of water snails, from the water they  ...

What do Snails Eat? - Snail Facts and Information


Learn what do snails eat and more information about snails. Snails tend to ... Snails tend to feed on a variety of items found in their natural habitat. What they will ...