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What do Land Snails Eat? Snails tend to feed on a variety of items found in their natural habitat. What they will actually consume depends on where they live and  ...

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Aug 9, 2009 ... A couple went out on a windy rainy night and found that 2 snails were eating m&m....... We don't know who did it, but the snails really like it !

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If you keep fresh plants in your aquarium, your snails can eat dying plant matter and naturally occurring tank algae. Snails do eat fresh plants but prefer the dead  ...

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When keeping snails in an aquarium without fish, you'll need to provide slightly more food than you otherwise would. Snails can eat aquatic plants, algae, ...

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Most snails eat a wide variety of food, some species more than others. ... they need from this and their food, but they do appreciate a small bowl of it in their tank.

What do Snails Eat?


This site is about the diet of both aquatic and land snails. More importantly this site is about finding out what snails eat.

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many of the foods that owners have found that their snails will eat (to ... thoroughly mushy - this can take hours - or at least it does with mine!)

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Water Conditions: Mystery Snails can do well in a wide range of aquarium water conditions. ... Shed plant matter accumulates on the tank bottom for snails to eat.

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Pond snails eat algae, but have also been known to eat both floating and rooted aquatic plants and a variety of decaying organic matter. While most pond snails ...

How to take care of apple snails: food, housing and breeding.


Apple snails do eat microscopic vegetation (micropagous) that grows on stones, the wall of the tank etc., but don't expect them to 'clean' the tank completely from ...

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Quick Answer. A snail's diet varies according to its natural habitat. A land snail is usually herbivorous and feeds on a variety of vegetables, fruits and soft barks.

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Shells from dead snails; Calcium powder; Powdered oyster shells; Natural chalk; Natural limestone; Egg shells ... Do snails get eaten by other bugs or animals?

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In the following, however, we would like to describe the food habits of our domestic herbivorous species, that can easily be kept in a terrarium, such as Roman ...