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Tetrapodophis does not have distinctive snake features in its spine and skull. .... Before a molt, the snake stops eating and often hides or moves to a safe place.

2 HUGE snakes EAT 2 HUGE rats! - YouTube


May 2, 2010 ... To all the people saying its cruel: In the wild snakes eat live rats and the thing eating ..... Many snakes do not recognize a dead animal as food.

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Snakes are carnivorous. That means that they eat other animals. Snakes do not have the right kind of teeth to chew their food so they must eat their catch whole.

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What do snakes eat? There are NO vegetarian snakes; all species are carnivores . The diet depends on the species. Some will specifically eat warm blooded ...

What do snakes eat? - Ask.com


According to VCA Hospitals, all snakes are carnivores and prefer to eat whole prey items. The specific prey items depend on the snake species and the size of ...

How Do Snakes Swallow Large Animals? - LiveScience


Sep 11, 2012 ... A snake's jaw is rigged with tendons, muscles, and ligaments, ... all the clothes and bones later...thats what they do with cows they eat them and ...

Who, What, Why: How does a snake eat a crocodile? - BBC News


Mar 3, 2014 ... Onlookers at a lake in Queensland watched a water python kill and swallow a crocodile. How do they do this?

What Do Cobras Eat? – Cobras.org


The mysterious question of 'What Do Cobras Eat” should obviously start with snakes in general. We should answer questions like how, what, and how much they ...

What Do Garter Snakes Eat - What Do Snakes Eat


If you have ever found a garter snake slithering around your backyard, you might be surprised to know that the eating habits of this type of snake are actually ...

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There are no vegetarian snakes. Snakes are carnivorous reptiles. Large snakes eat large animals. Small ones eat small ones. The smallest snakes eat insects ...

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Snakes are carnivores, which means they will eat only meat including each other. ... While they do have teeth, the teeth are made for grabbing, hooking and ...

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Snakes are purely carnivorous animals that feast on a variety of foods, depending on their size and environment. Small prey are swallowed without much work ...

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Snakes are exclusively carnivores which means they only eat meat. Learn more about what snakes eat and get snake feeding tips from petMD.

Do snakes eat chicken eggs? - YouTube


Jul 10, 2014 ... Update: My wife found the snake curled up over a batch of 11 eggs...again. I caught the snake and released him/her into a swampy area about ...