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Starfish or sea stars are star-shaped echinoderms belonging to the class Asteroidea. Common ..... Although starfish do not have many well-defined sense organs, they are sensitive to touch, light, te...

What do Starfish Eat?


Starfish are adept predators, although their meals are usually as slow-moving as they are. If you want to know what starfish eat, how they hunt and digest food or ...

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Mar 19, 2013 ... no its "Starfish molesting clam. Read more ... do u have a dirty mind? .... is it the starfish eating the clam or the calm is a starfish eater.

How does a starfish eat? | Reference.com


Most starfish, also known as sea stars, eat by prying open the shells of prey such as clams or oysters with their arms, pushing their stomachs out their mouths ...

National Aquarium | Sea Stars


Many different animals eat sea stars, including fish, sea turtles, snails, crabs, shrimp, otters, birds and even other sea stars. Though the sea star's skin is hard ...

What Eats Starfish?What eats a starfish? What do starfish eat?


Apr 6, 2010 ... What do starfish eat? What animals eat starfish? The place ... But starfish do have a few predators, or natural enemies. Manta rays, some sharks ...

Marine Life Series: How Sea Stars Eat - Daily Kos


Apr 27, 2007 ... Marine Life Series: How Sea Stars Eat ... The starfish simply grabs hold of the shell with the tube feet and spins the snail around so that the shell opening is lined up with the .... Why do some of you still insist on fighting it?

10 Facts About Starfish (Sea Stars) - Marine Life - About.com


... creatures. Here are 10 facts about starfish, including one about how they are not actually a fish. ... They do not have gills, scales, or fins like fish do and they move quite differently from fish. ... Sea stars eat with their stomachs inside-out.

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How do I know if the chocolate chip starfish is healthy? ... If you don't have time right then, wait until you do to buy it. ... What do chocolate chip starfish eat?

What Do Starfish Eat? - What Do Animals Eat? - Yukozimo


The starfish's eye doesn't contain an iris or cornea, as does a human eye. ... getting into the specific food, it would be interesting to know how the starfish eats.

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What do Starfish Eat - Fun Facts About Starfish


How do they eat ? Starfish will attach to clams and oysters. Then they use their powerful suction cups on their legs and open the shell of their prey. Finally, they ...

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Starfish, or more accurately sea stars, fill a niche as predator and prey in marine ecosystems ... Others, such as bat sea stars, eat cucumbers, sea urchins, shrimp, ... Sloths do almost everything hanging upside down in trees, including mating.

The Echinoblog: What (and how) do Starfish EAT??? Part 1


Apr 6, 2009 ... So, what ELSE do starfish EAT (i.e., prey on vs. just opportunistically feed on)? ( this is just a survey of prey items..and NOT a complete listing!)