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In Hawaiian, it is called pelehu, from the Portuguese. The Hawaiian nobleman Boki acquired turkeys during the South American leg of his world tour and ...

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Nov 26, 2007 ... What do turkeys say in Portuguese?: In English, turkeys say "gobble gobble gobble." What do turkeys say in Portuguese? A. Kalkoen kluek B.

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Nov 23, 2010 ... ... native North American species, turkeys became known as peru in Portuguese. ... Ironically, the name of turkeys in the Turkish language is even more geographically off ... And considering the name of the bird in most other languages has nothing to do with geography, I am going to ... I was gonna say that.

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Nov 24, 2011 ... To this day, the Portuguese word for turkey is peru, as in Peru, the South ... How do you say turkey in other languages and where do those ...

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Nov 17, 2012 ... But she tripped up in the stuffing department—actually, I should say, dressing ... none of which have anything to do with Thanksgiving, as they don't ..... the true first Thanksgiving meal (where it seemed there were no turkeys; ...

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Nov 23, 2010 ... Six subspecies of wild turkeys are native to North America, as shown in ... Fates say he would live only as long as a brand burning on her fireplace. .... as did the Portuguese themselves; the word for turkey, galinhas do Peru ...

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Nov 27, 2001 ... The Aztecs, who kept domesticated turkeys for hundreds of years ... During the period of the empire, the Turkish name for the country had nothing to do with the Turks. ... The OED doesn't say so but according to Schorger, the word has also ... In Portuguese, the bird is called peru, despite the fact that the bird ...

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What do you know about Thanksgiving? A lot? A little? A lottle? Test your knowledge with this quiz, yo. Take this quiz! Approximately how many feathers does.

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Nov 25, 2009 ... ... the naughty behavior of wild American turkeys, preferring the domesticated and ... Based on the small avalanche of responses I got, I would say that I succeeded. ... In those lands where Portuguese is the lingua Franca, the huexoloti is ... out to be a shortened form of “gallinho do Peru” (Peruvian chicken) .

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... on December 11, 1620, finding a last-minute holiday turkey was not on their to- do list. ... Some historians say Hernando Cortes, the swashbuckling Spanish ... Like pheasant and grouse, wild turkeys can burst into a short flight that clocks .... bird; to the Lebanese—the Abyssinian cock; the Portuguese called it the Peru bird, ...

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How do you say Welcome to Turkey in Turkish? Türkiye'ye hoşgeldiniz .... they say gobble gobble in English but portuguese idk about that! Answer They say 'glu  ...

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In English turkeys say gobble gobble gobble What do turkeys say in French? Glou-glou ... In English turkeys say gobble but what do they say in portuguese?

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4 days ago ... In Portuguese, it's literally a “Peru bird,” and in Malay, it's called a “Dutch chicken. ... Turkeys, as we know them, have fared better than their guinea fowl ...... The article didn't say that the country's, Turkey's, name came from the ...

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In English, turkeys say "gobble gobble." What do turkeys say in Portuguese? A. Cluck Cluck B. Groo Groo C. Gluglugluglu D. Krull Krull Correct answer: C ...

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4 days ago ... The Portuguese didn't get the turkey from Calicut or anywhere else ... They also picked up turkeys from Spanish traders coming from Mexico and sold them around Europe. But they didn't say where they got them from. ... German's Truthuhn also does — it comes from Trut and Huhn (nothing to do with truth!) .....