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Turtles have diets that vary by species. Common food sources include sea vegetation, small crustaceans, molluscs, sea sponges cnidarians, and other soft bodied creatures.

Feeding baby turtles live fish - YouTube


Jun 24, 2013 ... I put her in this small tank u get when u buy them so she can eat fish since its easier to catch them and because my other turtle doesn't eat fish ...

What Do Turtles Eat? - LiveScience


May 12, 2014 ... What a turtle eats depends on its species — specifically, what kind of jaw it has for masticating (chewing) food, where it lives and what food ...

How to Know What to Feed a Turtle: 9 Steps (with Pictures)


Jul 28, 2015 ... How to Know What to Feed a Turtle. Turtles can be great pets, but taking care of them requires time and effort. Turtles have varied diets ...

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American Box Turtles are omnivores who eat a little bit of everything. The Malayan Box Turtle should eat plenty of plants with just a little bit of animal matter , but ...

What do Box Turtles eat? | Box Turtles


To keep a box turtle healthy it is important to provide it with suitable box turtle food. In order to do this, it is crucial to keep in mind that there are many different ...

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Turtle's diet depends on what kind of a turtle it is, how old it is. Baby turtles are almost completely carnivorous and change into omnivores or herbivores when ...

Box turtle diet


Dec 30, 2010 ... Diet is one of the most crucial factors in maintaining a healthy box turtle. Getting a turtle to eat or to eat the proper nutritious foods is often the ...

Sea Turtle Diet — SEE Turtles


What Do Sea Turtles Eat? What a sea turtle eats depends upon the species. Some are omnivores, eating a variety of plants and animals, while the hawksbill and ...

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When it comes to eating, turtles and tortoises have rather "exotic" tastes. Aquatic turtles enjoy munching on aquatic turtle pellets, leafy green vegetables like kale ...

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Learn about turtles and what they eat in the wild or as a pet. It also includes specific information for many different types of turtles.

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Maybe you have never considered sharing your green beans with a reptile. But the truth is that many foods that humans eat are also foods that a pet turtle would  ...

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What Do Painted Turtles? Painted turtles typically eat thеіr food whіlе swimming but sоmе species hаvе bееn nоtеd tо eat оn dry land. Aquatic turtle pellets аrе а  ...

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Each of these turtles can have different dietary needs and preferences, and the first step toward offering a turtle suitable food to keep it satisfied and healthy is to  ...

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Check out our pet turtle feeding guide to learn what turtles eat and what they shouldn't. From snacks & fish to treats, nutritional supplements & more.