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Sources indicate that women look for honesty, caring, strength, and compassion in a partner.


Feb 21, 2017 ... The 10 Most Important Qualities Women Look For In A Partner ... wish you were dating, often you'll wonder -- "What does he have that I don't?"


Do you think you have what it takes to impress any woman? So what do women look for in a man more than anything else? Read these 15 tips to know more.


Despite what most guys think, the signs of confidence that great women look for in a man have nothing to do with acting “tough” or “dominant.” I've said it a ...


Mar 31, 2015 ... Here are the top 20 traits women look for in a man, from Men's Health. ... Do your eyes and ears match up? The closer one side mirrors the ...


Aug 5, 2013 ... What do women look for in a man? The answer, perhaps unsurprisingly, isn't so straightforward. Generally speaking, men place more ...


ten think they have all the answers when it comes to what women want and while some do have a pretty good idea, many other men are WAY off the mark.


Sep 4, 2014 ... I'm here to tell you that looks aren't so important to all women. Yes, a man's ... Women enjoy dating a man who can do it all. We want to date ...


Apr 21, 2014 ... A woman really doesn't want much from a man. ... fact she gained 15 pounds doesn't bother you, her new haircut makes her look even cuter.


a.) Wealth/ Money b.) Social Status c.) Personality d.) Confidence e.) Height f. ... They're all individuals, certainly, but I suppose it helps to look at some of the ...