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Power Outages. blackouts - flashlight viewed in the dark. This page provides basic safety tips and how to what to do before, during and after a power outage.


Have a back-up method for heating or cooling your home during a blackout, depending on your climate's needs. Do you need to stock up on wood for the wood ...


Serious damage to power lines and the electrical grid can cause outages for days, or weeks. Safe Electricity has valuable information to keep you safe and comfortable during a power ... If they do, the problem could be inside your home.


Jan 15, 2015 ... Preparing Your Home; During a Power Outage; After the Power Returns ... You can greatly lessen the impact of a power outage by taking the ...


Do you know what to know what to do before, during and after the electricity goes out? Here's a ... Power outages are hazards of home dwellers everywhere.


Safety: It is easy to forget during an outage that you had a stove burner or an iron on. If you're away from home when electric service is restored, you can have a ...


Aug 2, 2016 ... What to Do During a Blackout (And How to Prepare for One) .... devices in the home; you'll get priority for restoration during power outages.


For prolonged power outages, there are steps you can take to minimize food loss ... Learn how to prepare your home for a power outage and what to do when ...


Sep 30, 2009 ... The second thing is that the house begins to heat up (or get cold, ... Here are the top ten power outage activities you can do to maintain your ...


What do you do when all the power in the house goes off? Usually this is due to a general power outage in an entire neighborhood or district, but sometimes the ...