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Political positions of Barack Obama


Second term. Reelection · 2012 · Reactions · 2nd inauguration · Presidency · Immigration executive action · Iran Deal · Cuban Thaw. Timeline: '13 ...

What does President Obama 'stand for' if you had to sum his ... - Quora


I'm curious about what people think 'sums up' President Obama so far as a President, "visionary", leader of the American people and the world? He's been ...

What do the words “Barack” and “Obama” literally mean ...


Sep 3, 2010 ... In ancient Hebrew Aramaic Barack Obama means lightning from heaven. ...... I really want to know FDR, what does each of his name mean?

Who is Barack Obama and what does he stand for?


Feb 22, 2008 ... Barack Obama (by The Primaries to choose who will be the candidates of the Republicans and the Democrats (the two biggest bourgeois ...

Barack Obama on the Issues - OnTheIssues.org


Barack Obama on the Issues on Barack Obama; Presidential candidates. ... (May 2006); Rated 0% by the NRLC, indicating a pro-choice stance. (Dec 2006); Ensure ..... (Oct 2012); Does anyone think Exxon-Mobil needs a subsidy? (Oct 2012) ...

Hebrew translation and Biblical ref. To the word Barack Obama ...


Oct 22, 2008 ... Is Barack Obama Satan according to the Bible? I'd say I was ... Interestingly, the “ Greek” verse of Luke 10:18 does not contain an actual Greek word to translate into “Fall”. ..... I mean it may be a possibility but it doesnt matter.

Obama and Romney: Where they stand on the issues | Fox News


Sep 10, 2012 ... A look at where Democratic President Barack Obama and ... plans, including access to morning-after pill, which does not terminate a pregnancy ...

Barack Obama Jokes - Barack Obama One Liners - Jokes4us.com


What does Barack Obama call illegal aliens? ... Barackoli What's the difference between Ross Perot and Barack Obama? .... What does OBAMA stand for?

Barack Obama: Campaign Issues - Infoplease


Where he stands ... Obama has said these measures will create some 3.5 million jobs; Supports the ... He does not support a policy of containment for Iran.

Stand with Women - Barack Obama


We stand with women by fighting for economic security, protecting access to ... and 40% of private-sector employees work at a company that does not offer sick ...

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Complete List - Barack Obama On the Issues - TIME


Do you know where Barack Obama stands on all the issues? Here is a guide to all the facts....

Everything Obama does against 'what Christians stand for' - The Hill


Feb 9, 2015 ... "Everything" President Obama does is "against what Christians stand for," former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) said in an interview ...

Barack Obama Prophecies, Antichrist - COGwriter


(Richey W. Obama, in stand for gay rights, calls for repeal of DOMA. ... Does not Barack Obama endorse biblically prohibited behavior that God indicates is ...